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The Most Unusual Hotels in Trees in the World ( - Hotels)

4 Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

Ariau Amazon Towers is the world's largest hotel on the tree - located in a tropical forest on the banks of the Rio Negro (a tributary of the Amazon) in the north of Brazil. Hanging at a height 15 m those eight towers are made of strong iron as tropical trees. The towers are connected to each other, they mounted tracks with a total length of 8 km. The hotel was designed and built in 1987,by...
2 Keycamp Keycamp's Tree House, France

Houses in the trees are not only in the jungle and in Sweden. The French aristocracy built a hotel: Keycamp's Tree house. The interior is very pleasant. Prices, too. Each chalet is located at a height of 4-5 meters above the ground. In addition, each room has a terrace, so this is a real loft on a tree. A house can accommodate six persons, in the immediate vicinity is catering. You can book a room in the Tarzan style and have an unforgettable adventur...
2 Creek n Crag Hotel, India Creek n Crag Hotel, India

The Creek n Crag and Green Magic Nature Hotels in India are a paradise for eco-tourists. In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, an old coffee plantation has become a heaven the hotels Creek n Crag's, which feature in the fact two rooms on the ground where once was a coffee warehouse, and the other two are housed in the trees at a height of 15 meters. This is an unusual number of a notable hotel except ...