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The best solarium in Rome, Italy (Italy - Solarium)

130 C C'è sole e sole

    We offer the professionalism of our staff, the safety of our equipment certified to EEC standards: the certainty of the highest hygiene, a comfortable, air conditioned and comfortable, the guarantee of 20 years of experience ..... so let beautiful at our office. Moreover, the equipment is from the latest generation....
118 Juice Headesigner Juice Headesigner

  The Hairdresser - Beauty Juice headesigner has starred in numerous events in the capital's most trendy and fashionable organizer of important services. The Centre employs a young team capable of combining the experience gained in the field with a constant and continuous updating. Juice headesigner is the center of the trend-setting ......
118 Megasolarium Megasolarium

    We really care about the health and wellbeing of your skin. In fact, all our machines are the result of the latest technological research, constantly updated and constantly testing and maintenance. Each skin has a different skin type and we have a car suitable for each type of pelle.Inoltre all tanning products like lotions or tanning etc.., Are also tested and absolutely Available, selected for their best quality....