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The best massage techniques worldwide ( - Massage )

136 Relaxation massage Relaxation massage

   Relaxation massage perfectly utility with pleasure. Such a massage is done all over the body and consists of movements that create a strong feeling of comfort, relaxation and stress release. Also, relaxation massage strengthens blood circulation and has beneficial effects on digestive and nervous system. This form of massage is recommended for a longer period of time because the results will not be seen after a small number of sessions....
123 Shiatsu Massage Shiatsu Massage

   It is a Japanese technique that uses achievement for restoring vital energy flow "Qi" in the body areas where it is lacking or in excess. The origin of modern stand-Shiatsu Tokujiro Namikoshi (twentieth century). Practice of exerting pressure is more or less strong fingertips, but with fists, elbows, knees, feet on specific points located along meridians that correspond to an organ or a specific function. Depending on energy imbalance, the therapist turns to other techniques: petrisajul, joint rotation, ...
113 Therapeutic Massage Therapeutic Massage

    The method was developed in the early 1970s by Dora Kunz and Dolores Krieger, nurses and teachers at New York University. Achieving a therapeutic approach that is reminiscent of the old practice of positioning of hands, without religious connotations.     This is probably one of the most energy approaches the scientific studies and documents. Various studies have shown its effectiveness in reducing anxiety, pain, and postoperative unpleasant effects of chemotherapy. The method is approved by man...