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The best saunas in Berlin, Germany (Germany - Sauna)

132 Badeschiff an der Spree Badeschiff an der Spree

 The Badeschiff is the most extraordinary bath in Europe - a swimming pool in the Spree. The BADESCHIFF itself (the summer version and the original structure) was developed by AMP Architectos (Tenerife), together with the architect, Gil Wilk and the artist Susanne Lorenz, designed and built. Client: Arena in Berlin. Since 2004, the Badeschiff one of the coolest places in town: a swimming pool with open-air bar, concert venue, panoramic views and scene access....
121 Mareks Saunahaus Mareks Saunahaus

   In Marek's sauna house with a garden now! With us, you sweat right! We like to pour for you to - and if you like it. Indulge yourself and surprise. We may not always perfect - but certainly charming. Sweating Biofeuchtsanarium at 60 ° C. Dry sweating in the traditional Finnish sauna at 95 ° C. Cooling in the Eisnebelgrotte & waterfall shower. Foot Bath for pre & after. Relax in the cozy ambience. Small food - fruit, snacks & beverages....
120 Lützow Sauna Lützow Sauna

    Located in the heart of Berlin, between Potsdamer Platz and winter garden, sauna enthusiasts will find a quiet place to relax. Enjoy our very special infusions with pure essential oils and let yourself go with relaxing sounds in the naturally energized water.    Traditional sauna with 92 ° C and a humidity of about 10%. On the hour, we celebrate an infusion of natural essential oils, of which we have almost one hundred different scents to choose from. Clock at 22.00, there is almos...