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The best Beauty Salons in Paris, France (France - Beauty Center)

168 Institut Coiffure & Nature, Bastille Institut Coiffure & Nature, Bastille

    In a setting of stones and beams of the seventeenth century stands furniture custom made exotic wood rare colonial style. A wood flooring, the wood colors subtly blended, provides exceptional warmth to this place new.      Small wall sconces in a tone rust the same color as the beams and support columns complement the overall harmony. A double wooden showcase green patina to overcome the old straw yellow awning irresistibly draws the eye and the curiosity of passersby. ...
146 Nickel, Saint Gervais, Paris Nickel, Saint Gervais, Paris

   Unavoidable, sales area with about thirty of niche brands, perfumes rare and exceptional care, sometimes exclusively on French territory. In the basement, 5 treatment rooms offer a unique range of facial and body waxing for specialized, not to mention the two 'protocols' exclusive Nickel: the care and Max back and face massage Fists....
135 Caroline Vlieghe, Paris Caroline Vlieghe, Paris

   Professional makeup artist graduated Forum Make Up and styling specialist, I invite you to discover my creations. I am available for short and feature films, videos, TV, theater, fashion shows, editorial, fashion, celebrities, weddings....