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125 Pebble Beach Resorts Pebble Beach Resorts

   Considered by Golf Digest Magazine as the number one golf course in America, Pebble Beach is one of the most modern areas dedicated to the sport. Located in California, it has three hotels and a spa treatment center. In fact the land is not only that, but can be considered more of a resort, especially for the cover no less than five different game channels: The Spyglass Hill Golf Course Del Monte Golf Course, Peter Hay Golf Course, Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay Golf Links. The design of these golf courses was designed by Jac...
118 Pinehurst Luxury Golf & Spa Resorts Pinehurst Luxury Golf & Spa Resorts

   Homeland unofficial golf is all in the United States. Pinehurst Luxury Golf & Spa Resorts, received the award for best golf resort in the world in 2007. Here are no fewer than eight golf courses equipped with an impressive vegetation consists of giant pines.      Also, the place is full of history. Hogan's first professional victory took place here. Area that stretches is not less than 10 square kilometers. Of course here there is a modern center of spa treatments, restaurants ready ...
117 Golf & Spa Resort Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort Ritz-Carlton

   The complex is located in Jamaica and is one of the most famous sites of its kind in the world, located on more than 20 square kilometers of land. Circuit design was created by Robert von Hagge and Rick barrel inbinand perfect mountain with flat surfaces. Is considered by connoisseurs the best golf in the Caribbean. Spa Treatment Center is available to those who successfully finished the game with clubs ...      Field can be found no less than six restaurants whose offers up course to th...