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The best clinics in Switzerland (Switzerland - Clinic)

122 Hirslanden in Zurich Hirslanden in Zurich

   Hirslanden The clinic is a modern private clinic in Zurich and one of Hirslanden, the leading private hospital group in Switzerland. The modern infrastructure and medical expertise of our physicians and employees deterministic mine for years our actions and our philosophy, so that you are completely comfortable feel for....
114 Im Park Clinic in Zurich Im Park Clinic in Zurich

    The Im Park clinic operates for over 21 years, a guarantee of medical excellence, professional care and friendly atmosphere. What initiated it always is, you will lead us to, we see our task, and patients with a personal and individual support safety and well being to give our patients. Medical services at the highest level and a modern infrastructure are obvious for us. The clinic in the park approved physicians in all medical specialties are self-employed in private practice working with. They work closely with the clini...
113 St. Anna Clinic in Lucerne St. Anna Clinic in Lucerne

    In the hospital of St. Anne all have the same goal: We want you during your inpatient or outpatient hospital stay feel comfortable as possible.        To do justice to this claim, we set the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort, what medical services, personal care and infrastructure concerns. We want to needs, wishes and concerns and identify your will do our utmost to help you in the hospital of St. Anna as pleasant as possible to make a stay. ...