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The best luxury airline companies in the world ( - Flights)

122 British Airways British Airways

    Rolls-Royce jet engines are already legend, and you swear that the company had influence on first-class cabins of British Airways. Luxurious cabins designed multi-task, to serve as a working space area to relax or sleep. Time passes very easily when watching movies or dinner choice after his own program, after the crew u sin. Evening and night flights offer dinner in the elegant lounges before flying start for you to maximize sleep time during the flight. Launched shortly after the end of the Second World War British Airwa...
119 Lufthansa Airlines Lufthansa Airlines

   Any first-class passengers can relax in the lounge particular company, but if you fly with Lufthansa in Frankfurt, you own your Steam terminal and on board Lufthansa Media World. These are just two examples of perception thereof with companies on luxury flights. In short, it is a multimedia system with enough video, audio and games to keep you busy for as few trips around the world! Since many people love to fly first class, the space can be quite small in some companies. Lufthansa does not fall into this category. Chairs have a...
115 Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines

   A famous proverb says that everything is big in first-class style, but Singapore Airlines is the world's largest aircraft. In 2006, this company was first to introduce the spectacular Airbus A380 that can carry up to 555 passengers. Even without the A380, with Singapore Airlines first-class experience is extraordinary. There are only 12 First Class Suite with leather chairs Connoly and gave the feeling that you are in a big Bentley with wings than a plane....