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   Today's Shanghai is not only a major science and technology, trade, financial and information center in China, it is a place of international cultural exchange and integration. Shanghai has developed into an international metropolis, the world's important economic and trade center. Also put forward some proposals Shanghai will become the future of global cities. International mainstream media even Shanghai described as "a model of the world's fastest-growing economy."...

Hong Kong

   Hong Kong is a unique blend of Eastern and Western traditions, a modern metropolis, but also one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The city is impressive, with its modern architecture and unique design. Skyscrapers in Hong Kong have been built as a result of China's impressive combination of size and economic independence of Hong Kong. In 2009, The Heritage Foundation Index, which classifies the cities with the most free economy in the world, ha...


 Legend: "End of the World" and "Voyage," which also have two large stone history, the legend of a pair of love from two of the men and women of the family feud, their love, their tribe was opposed, so forced to flee to place both jumped into the sea, into two boulders, always relative....


 A perfect little world of a natural eco-system and traditional culture of the Pure Land. ...


 Paradise on earth ...


 Dali major natural scenery tourist attractions: Nanzhao Jizu Mountain Scenic Bird Island, Cloud View Road, Dali Jianchuan Shibao Mountain impregnable pass over Xianlin Midu County Eryuan Jianchuan Dongshan National Forest Park days Longdong Birds Pay Homage Yunlong Tianchi Tianchi Cloud Peak Alley...

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