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Las Vegas often called just Vegas, is the largest city of Nevada state and the capital of the Clark County of the United States of America. The city founded in 1911, is known for many casinos, shops, hotels and places of recreation. It is an attraction for some 37 million tourists who arrive here each year, mainly for gaming but also for civil wedding services that take place here, knowing that you can marry here faster than anywhere in the world.

Las Vegas is rightly called the world capital of entertainment, it is known for fun and it causes addiction to gambling in the most representative casinos as The Mirage , The Wynn and The Bellagio . Las Vegas is much more than a city, it is a non-stop show, is the peak time, especially in Fremont Street, which harmoniously combines light and sound bursts.

The Liberance Museum is also one of the most popular attractions for tourists arriving in Vegas, here are pieces of clothing by Liberance singer (Mr. Showmanship) and cars driven by him.



 Stratosphere Hotel / Roller coaster on the Stratosphere Hotel


Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, where there are characters like Harry Potter, David and Victoria Beckham, Robbie Williams or Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Bellagio Hotel and the casino complex with, the group owned by MGM Mirage , is an identical copy of the same hotel name on Lake Como in Italy with a group called Fiori di Como, composed of over 2,000 glass flowers covering a floor of 600 sqm. To be identical with that from Italy, Americans have developed a lake with an area of 32,000 square meters that lies between the building and the boulevard.

The Tutankhamun's Museum of Luxor is a place where you can see the Egyptian pyramid or the Sphinx statue.

One of the most imposing buildings not only in size but also by its architecture, is the Caesars Palace Hotel , situated near the main street with antique statues and fountains. In front of it there is a beautiful garden framed by two access ways for visitors and a row of shops as Geani Versace, Gucci, Nike, who also painted a space between the sky shops, leaving the impression of walking at night. Las Vegas is still in development so that, sometimes still appear new hotels built or under construction.

The Las Vegas line is also found exact copies of the Eiffel Tower , the Egyptian pyramids or the ancient palaces of Rome. At Hilton one can make a journey through the stars with favorite heroes of Star Trek, where employees are dressed as famous actors . Accommodation at a hotel in Las Vegas can cost between 25 and 2,500 dollars, but what difference does money when you're in one of the seven wonders of nowadays.

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Red Rock National Canyon

The Grand Canyon in the USA is another great attraction of Las Vegas and the Nevada desert. Las Vegas is famous not only for its casinos, but also for a huge number of other activities and excursions. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting of these excursions is a visit to the Grand Canyon or the Red Rock Canyon. The Grand Canyon is located on the border of Nevada and Arizona and is a huge cavit...

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Bellagio Botanical Garden is a very popular free attraction in Vegas with great color compositions, constantly changing with the seasons and holidays, ponds, bridges and fountains. It is one of the best attractions of Bellagio, a gorgeous conservatory full of flowers and sometimes butterflies that is 100% free. The Conservatory is a definite change of pace from the ramble and gamble of slot machines and the high limit poker. If you n...

Stratosphere Tower

To view Las Vegas from above, we recommend to visit the Stratosphere Tower which offers a stunning view, but at the same time you can take a ride because it is a theme park. Here you can get a high speed lift at a height of 274 m. Stratosphere Tower was opened in 1996 and is located north of The Strip Boulevard. It is the tallest tower in the U.S. and the second largest in the Western Hemisphere, the...

The Strip

Las Vegas Strip or just the Strip is the busiest part of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Here are the most luxurious casinos, hotels and entertainment centers. The history of Las Vegas is as follows: in the first half of the 19th century a caravan bound for Los Angeles lost its way in the Mojave Desert. Under the relentless sun they happened to find an oasis in the sands of s...

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas is the city-tale city of the mirage, but it is real, the city of hope and sometimes the fate of the city of the same name in the Nevada desert state, the largest and the most luxurious city of entertainment in the United States. Here you can visit the architectural masterpieces the city hotels, affecting by their size, by the construction ingenuity, by brilliance and diversity. Many of them are f...

Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas is decked with lights at night and as it is part of a show. Going to Strip you notice every bump in the neon hotel and the street looks very different at night than during the day. It is beautiful. But in the downtown, there is one place, where tourists rarely get or remember, it is the Fremont Street. You get there in 10 minutes, taking a taxi from any hotel. It is better to ask the taxi driver ...

The World's Tallest Chocolate Fountain Bellagio

Jean-Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio is home to the highest (according to Guinness World Records Book) chocolate fountain in the world - a height of 8 meters! This fountain is located in the wall of the bakery and in showcases Jean Philippe Patisserie encounters his guests with a huge eagle swooping of chocolate from the ceiling. Six of the jets beat the chocolate at 16 feet above the floor level in the fountain which circulates nearly...

City Center

What to see in the City Center Las Vegas City Center is an urban complex of 16,797,000 square meters located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. This is the biggest project of the United States, sponsored by non-public private funds: The project was founded by MGM Resorts International, later joined Dubai World as partner. The ma...

Mandalay Bay

Attractions and Activities at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas   What to see and visit at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas? Sightseeing: Shark Reef, House of Blues, The Beach at Mandalay Bay, the restaurant "Red Square". ...

Eiffel Tower Experience

What to see and visit in Paris Las Vegas? Sightseeing: Eiffel Tower, The Hotel de Ville, the Louvre Museum, Rue de la Paix, Triumphal Arch, The Paris Opera House, Alexander III Bridge. Show: Barry Manilow The location on the Strip: Mid-St...

Bellagio Fountains

Although the entire city of Las Vegas is a true landmark for millions of people who come here every year, there are some points of interest that are very attractive. For example, casinos, clubs , restaurants and luxury stores are the delight of all tourists who have the chance to arrive in Las Vegas. However, regardless of which city it is in terms of gambling, here are some of the most interesting sights of the entire state...

The Chapel of Flowers

Each of us remembers a lot of bright moments from the movies, where guys and girls, after a crazy night at the casino surprise themselves and go to get married - so, for fun and for the satisfaction of a moment of spiritual impulse. But a wedding in Las Vegas is not always careless and reckless. Insanity is just replaced by romance, but a rather frivolous marriage ceremony is quite possible to spend an incredibly beautiful w...

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