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Strangest tourist attractions in the world
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Ivrea Orange Festival

   Centuries ago to say that the people of Piedmont have rebelled against a count who exercised their right to deflower every bride in the village. Eventually he was beheaded and his guards were killed with stones.      Keep this tale in mind and consider that in our century, because of rules negotiated with the EU, Italy is forced to destroy their surplus oranges. So, replace the stones of medieval story with orange and Earl garzille with c...

The Catacombs of Paris

   Paris, city of lights, contains a city of darkness, a vast network of underground tunnels, which was once the refuge for bandits and saints, and currently hosts over six million skeletons of dead. Paris catacombs contain about 300 km of tunnels, some of these catacombs are open to the public, but the rest are closed and it is risky to venture into them. Access to these catacombs, even in areas open to the public, is quite risky. Because thinning air may occur in some people nause...

The BubbleGum Alley

   Bubblegum Alley is a street about 21 meters from San Luis Obispo, dusted with chewing gum. Alley in the '70s and was named and is currently one of the most famous attractions of the city San Luis Obispo, California. Although many city residents complained that the place would be too unhealthy and disgusting, of course, when it was proposed in 1996 to clean chewing gum instead, authorities have not agreed. Some politicians argue that these walls should be cleaned and re-paint...

Karni Mata Temple

    Karni Mata Temple in Rajahstan is not only a refuge for rodents, but also a place where they are worshiped. It was built in the early twentieth century by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner, in honor of Karni Mata. It has around 20,000 rats. Rodents are important in this temple so that if one accidentally dies its population will be replaced with a solid gold replica....

Fairy chimney houses in Cappadocia, Turkey

  Fairy chimney houses are located in Göreme, a town in Cappadocia, Eastern Anatolia, which is the center of Turkey. Its origin dates back from the Roman period, being carved in rock and it represents now an amazing site with rock-hewn churches and chapels, along with some reminiscences of the underground cities. Thanks to its unique geological formations and archaeological sites in the world, was included in UNESCO in 1985....

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