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Alaska is the largest state in the United States, covering a huge land area. It is a great and pitoresque state, rugged and wild with amazing glaciers, countless rivers and beautiful lakes, stunning mountain peaks and some active volcanoes that make this place a really magnificent one. Alaska is a bright star in the United States which features plenty of incredible attractions that are worth your visit. Do not hesitate to visit it, with all the remarkable landscapes that truly beautify the country, offering wonderful and breathtaking sights, charming all the tourists. Feel free to check Alaska’s best tourist attractions, and you will spend here the best vacation in your life.
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Image Anchorage - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

  About Anchorage     Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, is a rugged city perfectly situated between the base of the Chugach Mountain range and Cook Inlet. It is a great modern city, featuring skyscrapers and a gorgeous international airport that is settled on a breathtaking coastline, through scenic mountains...


Image Kodiak - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Kodiak     The city of Kodiak is located on the second largest island of United States, Kodiak Island, in the Gulf of Alaska. Kodiak was incorporated as a city in September 1940 and in 1965 the city voters adopted a City Charter, a municipal constitution. Kodiak represents a significant part of the Kodiak Island Ar...


Image Fairbanks - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Fairbanks      Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska and perfectly combines the modern amenities and technology with a frontier atmosphere, considered as the gateway to the Arctic, featuring stunning landscapes. Fairbank has a very interesting history which belong to the late 1880’s Gold Rush. I...


Image Girdwood - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

   About Girdwood     Girdwood is situated in the Southcentral part of Alaska with a permanent population of about 2,000 of friendly people. It lies in a small valley in the Chugach Mountains. The city was originally called Glacier City, beacuse it includes seven amazing permanent glaciers. There are several outdoor ...


Image Seward - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Seward     Seward in Alaska is a wonderful stop for the visitors who travel to Southern Alaska. Seward is the final port for most of the cruise ships that go to Alaska, being a easy and majestic mountain drive from Anchorage. The pitoresque city is beautifuly located at the foot of the Marathon Mountain and at the ...

Denali National Park

Image Denali National Park - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Denali National Park      There is no place more wild, more rugged, with pictoresque landscapes and more beautiful   places than Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve. There is no place more ideal to explore as Denali National Resorts is. The Denali National Park is the perfect home for the tal...


Image Ketchikan - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Ketchikan     Ketchikan is a bustling town, well known as the salmon capital of the world, and the ideal place for fishermen as well for naturalist enthusiasts. During the summer months the town is intense populated by tourists from all over the world. The rustic boardwalk on Creek Street keeps a deep historic spirit, while the town is highlighted by ...


Image Talkeetna - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Talkeetna     Talkeetna town has its own flavor, a very scenic place, surrounded by pitoresque landscapes. It is situated near the confluence of Susitna river with Chulitna and Talkeetna, in the Southcentral part of Alaska, about 80 miles North of the city Anchorage. The entire area of its downtown is listed in the...


Image Wasilla - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About Wasilla     Wasilla is a great town which is situated on the Northern side of Knik Arm. It represents the launching point for the enthusiasts on fishing, camping and amazing exploring trips. Wasilla is a sprawling town, comprising a population of about 6,000 people, being the midway between Matanuska and Susitna va...

Katmai National Park and Preserve

Image Katmai National Park and Preserve - The best places to visit in Alaska, USA

 About the Katmai National Park and Preserve   The  Katmai National Park and Preserve is situated on the Alaska peninsula, 290 miles Southwest from Anchorage. The National Park was established in 1918 to preserve the famous Valley of Ten Thousand Smoke, which represents a forty square mile, 100 to 700 feet deep ash flow h...

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