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New York was and will be the most exciting and alive city in the world. It is the city that never sleeps so no matter how tired you are, you have to walk around all the street and see the most interesting and wonderful places from New Nork. So if you plan a visit in this city take a lot of energy with you because you will have a lot of fun here.
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The Empire State Building

Image The Empire State Building  - The best places to visit in New York, USA

  Each tourists has to have in his list “ The Empire State Building”or also named “New York’s Representative Building”. This bulding is the tallest from the city, and the 86th floor is the one where all  the tourists admire the unforgettable view of the city. There you can feel really “high”,  because the building is the third tallest skyscraper in the United States and 15th tallest in the world.   Du...

Times Square

Image Times Square - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   Times Square is considered the symbol of New York City. It is an amazing skyscraper that has a lot of neon signs,huge monitors,tickers and sparkling windows.    Times Square –the heart of nightlife in New York has the same fame like Las Vegas  in Nevada. This place is also famous for the day of 31st of December  when gathers millions of people to celebrate  the New Year. This  tradition was born for about one century ago, in...

Rockefeller Center

Image  Rockefeller Center - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 commercial buildings between 48th and 51st streets in New York City, located in the center of Manhattan.  Rockefeller Center firstly known as Radio City is located where should  be located the Metropolitan Opera.    The design of the center is made by the american arhitect Benjamin Wistar Morris. He inspired from Grand  Central Terminal Complex and includes a landscape garden and a monumental opera...

Central Park

Image Central Park - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   Central Park is a unique place that makes New York to seem  alive. The huge park is located in the center of Manhattan and holds about 843 acres. The park offers a lot of playgrounds,  baseball areas, tennis courts, ice rinks, a lot of lakes, theatres, also considers to be the home for Central Park Zoo and for The Metropolitan Museum of Art.   When the City of New York bought the place for Central Park in 1853 it was  far away from civiliza...

Washington Square Park

Image Washington Square Park - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   Washington Square Park is some of the well known New York’s public parks. Located at  one foot from the Fifth Avenue is a exceptional landscape in Manhattan. It is an open space with beautiful traditions, the park’s fountain for a long time was the most popular spot for residents and tourists.   The two magnifient features of the park are the Washington Arch’s and a very large fountain. The park also includes a lot of trees, gradens...

The Fifth Avenue

Image The Fifth Avenue - The best places to visit in New York, USA

  Fifth Avenue crosses  Midtown Manhattan between 49th street and 60th street ,  is lined with prestigious shops that considers to be the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Fifth Avenue is an traditional route for several parades  in New York City, and the longest one is St.Patrick’s parade.   On Fifth Avenue there are enough over-the –top shopping areas to satisfy everyboby’s taste. You can spend your time b...

Battery Park City

Image Battery Park City - The best places to visit in New York, USA

  Battery City Park is not only the most famous park in New York but also an historical place. It is a 92 acres public park located at the Battery in the Southern side of Manhattan Island,  in New York City. The park is also the place for the East Coast  Memorial that  commemorates the U.S  solders who died defending  the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean during the World War II.   Battery City Park is a neighborhood...

The Statue of Liberty

Image The Statue of Liberty - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   The Statue  of Liberty –a huge sculpture situated on the Liberty Island in New York.  It was designed by Frederick-Auguste Berthold. The Statue’s framework was made by a french engineer Gustave Eiffel, also known as the man behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Due to an ingenious construction  consisting from copper plates,  attached to the metal framework , the statue is very  heavy and   stands easily in front of the storms. ...

The Brooklyn Bridge

Image The Brooklyn Bridge - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most magnifient landmarks in New York. The bridge makes the connection between Brooklyn and well known Manhattan. Its building started in 1869 and  took about 14  years to complete it. For the whole project was responsable a german immigrant,  John Roebling,  who worked as a bridge and a road builder.  Unfurtunately he did not get to see his design finished because he died in an accident.  After his death his son to...

Grand Central Terminal

Image Grand Central Terminal - The best places to visit in New York, USA

   Grand Central Terminal is a terminal station in New York City, between 42nd street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Its considers to be the largest train station in the world with 44 platforms and 67 tracks along them. The terminal has been named” Grand Central Terminal” since 1913 by the name of the nearby post office, also as the name of the previous rail station that was there. Its construction  took over 10 years and were spent more then 80 million ...

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