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Image Hawaii - The most beautiful places in USA

   Hawaiian archipelago is the dream of every tourist who loves the sun and likes to spend his holiday lying on the beach, enjoying the crystal clear waters, surrounded by Hawaian islands. Once arrived there by plane, there is this feeling like you've already entered a different world, a dream world: warmth (28c - 30C), blue peaceful sky combined with a warm welcome from the inhabitants of these islands and you'll already feel like in a holiday. Here you will spend unforgettable mom...

Golden Gate Bridge in USA

Image Golden Gate Bridge in USA - The most beautiful places in USA

Golden Gate Bridge is located in the western part of the United States in California, was inaugurated on May 27, 1937. On the first day of operation, the bridge was opened only for pedestrians in that day (called the Day Pedestrian) and was crossed by 200,000 people. With an opening of 1,280 m, the Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco to Sausalito, which is situated north of the Golden Gate Strait which connects San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. Bridge, which has a total l...

Mount McKinley

Image Mount McKinley - The most beautiful places in USA

   Mount McKinley (or Denali) is the 6194 m of its highest mountain in the United States, is simultaneously the highest peak of mainland North America, followed by Mount Logan. U.S. state of Alaska is located in Denali National Park (the original Denali National Park). Mountain named after William McKinley 25th U.S. president. Athapask Indian language is called "Denali" (the translation "Great"). Denali is the fact and the name of the mountain in Alaska. Mount Mc...

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

Image The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA - The most beautiful places in USA

  Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural monuments on Earth, being crossed by the Colorado River, for millions of years. The Grand Canyon National Park is located in northwestern Arizona. The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River in the plateau of the same name. The huge canyon is 445 kilometers long and about 25 km width, while the height is more than 1500 meters.   Founded in 1919, the park is visited annually by more than four mill...

Las Vegas

Image Las Vegas - The most beautiful places in USA

     Few towns conjure up images of excess such as Las Vegas. Located in the middle of the arid Mojave Desert, in the southern tip of Nevada, Las Vegas is an oasis of life, energy and money - a city where the only purpose in life is having fun.    Over 35 million people visit Las Vegas every year, being accommodated in the 150,000 hotel rooms in the town. According to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the city registered the fastest growth in No...

New York

Image New York - The most beautiful places in USA

     New York is a city of superlatives. Besides being a world financial center, the island of Manhattan is dotted with world-renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and venerable art institutions that make New York the greatest cultural city in the world.    The phrase "If you succeed in New York, you will succeed anywhere else in the world" attracts visitors from around the world who come here searching for the American dream. New York ...

Dunes of Death Valley National Park

Image Dunes of Death Valley National Park - The most beautiful places in USA

   Famous Death Valley in California, USA, is one of those places lunar aspect, where life would seem impossible. Feared and avoided by the natives until the arrival of European settlers, arid valleys of California system and was named in 1849. It seems that when a group of gold seekers in tempted to reach the gold mines in Sacramento, ventured into the dreaded crossing valleys.      Although apparently easier than crossing the mountains, th...

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Image Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah - The most beautiful places in USA

    Bryce Canyon National Park is situated in the south-western part of Utah. The canyon is the park, which really is not a true canyon, but rather a natural amphitheater. Canyon arose through processes of erosion on the eastern most prominent plate "Paunsaugunt-plate" special petrographic structure allowed a higher erosion caused by wind, water and ice is forming formations called hoodoos geolgice. Depending on the composition of sedimentary rocks have colors ranging...

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