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Greenest cities in the world
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Portland in Oregon, USA

   It is the first city built as a bicycle friendly community in the American League initiative cyclists. He received and distinct "Popular Science" for the greenest city based on a survey on the use of renewable energy, green transportation options, recycling and eco lifestyle. The main attractions are the parks in Portland, so you can see, for example, the smallest park in the world, even recognized by Guinness World Records....

Zermatt in Switzerland

   Zermatt, a quiet town at the foot of the Matterhorn massif (located on the border between Switzerland and Italy) is perfect for those who love outdoor activities: skiing, hiking and mountain climbing. As the area developed in terms of tourism, local authorities decided to maintain an infrastructure to meet growing transport demands. Today, the streets are reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. Residents carry their shopping cart by hand, the horse or the steam engi...

Freiburg in Germany

   Freiburg is already one of the cities with a tradition in cross domain, especially in that he had rebuilt after World War II and the reconstruction was done by ecological principles. City visitors can enjoy an area with a well-structured social density, called Riesefeld, built in the '80s or Vauban sector where no cars. Solar City not to be missed or heliotrope House, both designed by Rolf Dich (German architect and activist in environmental protection)....

Montreal in Canada

   The Montreal Protocol, which regulates carbon dioxide emissions that affect the ozone layer and to Bixi project, implemented in May 2009, which are available for bicycles for rent, Montreal boasts numerous successful environmental initiatives. In Montreal, visitors can enjoy the local surf club or the day organized by botanical gardens, where butterflies are released. Location for hotel accommodation is eco-chic Quartier Dix 30....

Austin in Texas, USA

House full of food (raw and refined), city of Austin is leading the fight against the use of fuel. Austin implemented using energy efficient systems. Organic holidays that are organized to delight visitors to the city, plus food festivals dedicated to green. ...

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