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We live in a world blessed with sights that are beautiful beyond words. Everyone dreams to visit at least one of these places. Those who live in modern cities with tall buildings tend to lose what Mother Nature has to offer. They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and there are probably many places that you consider to be most important in the world.


To our mind, rivers are very important and they offer splendid, natural views that Mother Nature offers. Water is one of the most precious natural resources , we cannot live without it. Globally, water supplies are rare: less than 1% of the world's water is good for consumption, and much of it, 2/3 of the Earth’s surface is covered by rivers and salt waters. A river is formed from the union of several streams which naturally flow downhill , under the effect of gravity , which either flows into another stream or river ( its tributary ) or in a lake , a sea or an ocean .


For this reason we do not pretend that our list of places included are the most beautiful, but rather among the vast collection of the  longest and the  largest rivers in the world.

1 - Nile - 6600 km, the most beautiful areas of the basin downstream waterways are in Aswan.

2 - Amazon - 6480 km, the largest river basin in the world, cruises are up to Iquitos.

3 - Yang Tse Kiang - 6300 km downstream from the dam cruises.

4 - Mississippi - 6280 km, one in four Americans living around the pool's third largest river in the world, every city on its banks proposes at least one cruise.

5 - Yenissei - 5540 km, navigable by small portions, is the longest in Russia.

6 - Huang He (Yellow River) - 5464, with most cruises in China.

7 - Ob Irtchych - 5410 km, one of the 120 rivers that cross Russia.

8 - Congo - 4800 km, the second largest river basin in the world that flows, in sequence with Amazon, African adventure for the brave.

9 - Amur - 4500 km, navigable river, it crosses Russia and China.

10 - Lena - 4400 km, the most eastern of Russian rivers, crosses Siberia from the south to the north and it is one of the most fascinating deltas.


For the lovers of amazing sceneries, these rivers can be the perfect destinations and the cruises the most wonderful experiences. Cruises have always aroused the curiosity of people even if not everyone can afford such a trip. If the desire to live new sensations, schedule your vacation early next year and choose a destination that allows you to take a cruise on one of the longest rivers in the world.

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The Lena River

Great rivers in the world   Glance at a map of the earth, and in most places, you will see lines snaking their way across landmasses. These are tendrils cross plains, deserts and grasslands. They wind their way through valleys, canyons, and forests. These are rivers, our planet’s arteries of life....

The Nile

About the Nile   The Nile is a river in Africa, it is one of the greatest and the longest rivers in the world. The word "Nile" comes from the Greek name of the river "Neylos." The Greeks also called this river "Egiptos", hence...

The Amazon River

About Amazon   Amazon is a river in South America, the greatest and the largest in the world in its size, water content and length. The river is formed by the confluence of the rivers Marañón and Ucayali. The length of the main source of the Marañon is of 6437 km. Its source Apacheta is approximately 7000 km f...

The Mississippi

About the Mississippi   The Mississippi is a river in the U.S.A. It is one of the greatest rivers in the world: having a length of 3.770 kilometers. It originates in the Itasca Lake at an altitude of 450 meters above the sea level in the National Itasca Park and it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The system formed by ...

The Yang Tse Kiang River

About Yangtze   Yangtze is a long river , the longest river, and the most abounding in Eurasia, the third river in the world's affluent and length. It passes through China and it has a length of about 6300 km and a basin area of 1808.5 km ².   ...

The Yellow River

About the Yellow River   Huang is the most obsolete river in China. From Chinese it means the "Yellow River" and it is associated with an abundance of sediments, giving a yellowish tint to its water. It is because of them, the sea, into which the river flows is called Yel...

The Ob River

The water is the symbol of life. That is why tired of dusty cities, tourists are drawn and attracted by water: rivers and oceans. It is for those who do not really respect the beach tourism in the hot sand of the sea under the blazing sun and prefer a more temperate climate and less heat. The most preferred are the river cruises. I present to fans of cruisers one of the ...

The Yenisei River

Many people do not know much about cruising, and many of us have never been on the board of an ocean liner and maybe have this kind of rest a misconception. Market cruises today is so great that the proposal can be found on almost any budget. And the day in quite a comfortable cabin, sometimes costs even less than at the corresponding class on the shore, and the service, meals on the board can be much higher level. Although, if you are used to c...

The Congo River

About the Congo river   Congo is a river in Central Africa. It is the deepest and the second longest river in Africa and the second river of water availability in the world...

The Amur River

About the Amur river   The Amur is a river in the Far East. It passes through Russia (53% of the pool) and China. The main tributaries are: the Zeya, the Ussuri, the Bureya, the Songhua, the Amgun, the Anuy and the Tunguska. Cities: Amursk,...

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