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There is something about castles that we respect and who finds inspiration gets more romantic there. If you want to visit magnificent castles, then these are the best places to visit. Here is a top of the most idyllic castles in the world, presented in random order. Because childhood fairy tales never die, and dreams, however we suppress, they exist independently of us. We realize more clearly that castles are in reality and that life can lead us to magnificent places even seemingly impossible to walk in the footsteps of entire generations of nobility. In addition, vampire or ghost stories have their place in human history. And the palaces and the castles are often the scenes where they take place. Dracula's Castle is the case, from Bran. Helisted among the most beautiful building of its kind in the world, even if Romania is not properly valued.


Modern architecture, glass, construction materials performance and technology, geometric buildings spring up in our path every day and it seems somewhat natural for them to be there. Their role is to remind us daily what century we are, but too little is a matter of inspiration for us. Maybe things will be different for future generations, as we sometimes sigh in secret after a grandiose old building that reflects the culture and the customs so well in ages that have been raised. We like to see them, admire them, photograph them, but most of all we are inside their imagination, an exercise designed to carry us to the dimensions of the time lost. Beyond the undeniable beauty of frequently visited local castles such as Blairhuqan and Crom, we propose a list of just some of the most spectacular hotel castles around the world. Castles Hotels worldwide are perfect places for enchanting vacations, weekend outings, marriages, romantic honeymoons, receptions, special occasions and sumptuous entertainment.

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Eastnor Castle, United Kingdom

Interest aristocrats of the nineteenth century to the medieval period led to the construction of castles that imitated the medieval architectural era of specific cities. An example is Eastnor Castle, which construction began between 1818-1820 and required a colossal amount for that period, 85,000 pounds, equivalent to 8.5 million pounds. Eastnor Castle is popular among directors, hosting BBC countless pro...

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