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There is something about castles that we respect and who finds inspiration gets more romantic there. If you want to visit magnificent castles, then these are the best places to visit. Here is a top of the most idyllic castles in the world, presented in random order. Because childhood fairy tales never die, and dreams, however we suppress, they exist independently of us. We realize more clearly that castles are in reality and that life can lead us to magnificent places even seemingly impossible to walk in the footsteps of entire generations of nobility. In addition, vampire or ghost stories have their place in human history. And the palaces and the castles are often the scenes where they take place. Dracula's Castle is the case, from Bran. Helisted among the most beautiful building of its kind in the world, even if Romania is not properly valued.


Modern architecture, glass, construction materials performance and technology, geometric buildings spring up in our path every day and it seems somewhat natural for them to be there. Their role is to remind us daily what century we are, but too little is a matter of inspiration for us. Maybe things will be different for future generations, as we sometimes sigh in secret after a grandiose old building that reflects the culture and the customs so well in ages that have been raised. We like to see them, admire them, photograph them, but most of all we are inside their imagination, an exercise designed to carry us to the dimensions of the time lost. Beyond the undeniable beauty of frequently visited local castles such as Blairhuqan and Crom, we propose a list of just some of the most spectacular hotel castles around the world. Castles Hotels worldwide are perfect places for enchanting vacations, weekend outings, marriages, romantic honeymoons, receptions, special occasions and sumptuous entertainment.

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Château de Bagnols, France

Image Château de Bagnols, France - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

The castle was built in the XV century, but it also includes parts of a fortress dating older in 1221. The fortress was damaged after the Second World War, reaching almost a ruin. The year 1987 was the turning point and the revival of the castle: the property was bought by an English philanthropist, Paul Hamlyn, whose wife was involved in restoration, transforming the castle into a luxury spectacular hotel. The renovation has resulted in cost...

Taj Lake Palace, India

Image Taj Lake Palace, India - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

Built between 1743-1746 as a summer palace of Prince (Maharana) Jagat Singh II, the Taj Lake Palace is now one of the most spectacular luxury hotels in the world. Situated on an island on Lake Pichola, near the town of Udaipur, the Taj Lake Palace is considered the most romantic hotel in India. Throughout its history, the marble palace hosted Lord Curzon, Queen Elizabeth, the actress Vivien Leigh and his wif...

Crom Castle, Northern Ireland

Image Crom Castle, Northern Ireland - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

Built in 1840, the Crom Castle in Northern Ireland is considered one of the most beautiful, historic buildings located in natural areas of interest. The public access to the castle is limited, because it is inhabited today by Lord Erne. The castle is located on Upper Lough Erne, one of the two lakes formed by the bed of the Erne river. There is an area around the castle declare...

Palácio Hotel do Buçaco, Portugal

Image Palácio Hotel do Buçaco, Portugal - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

Bussaco Palace (Buçaco in Portuguese) is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Located near Coimbra, the palace was built on the site of a former Carmelite monastery and was designed to serve as a summer residence of Portuguese kings. Started in 1888, the construction was completed only in 1907, just three years before the revolution of 1910 after which Portugal was declared a repu...

Blairquhan Castle, Scotland

Image Blairquhan Castle, Scotland - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

Among the earliest memories we have, we can find those stories that our parents and grandparents told us before sleep. Escaping into magical realms of magic fairy tales with princesses and princes are brave experiences which almost every child goes through. How many of us have imagined, as children to live in a castle and enjoy the benefits of the life of a monarch? If 100 years ago such a desire would have been impossible to fulfill, now we have the opportunit...

Eastnor Castle, United Kingdom

Image Eastnor Castle, United Kingdom - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

Interest aristocrats of the nineteenth century to the medieval period led to the construction of castles that imitated the medieval architectural era of specific cities. An example is Eastnor Castle, which construction began between 1818-1820 and required a colossal amount for that period, 85,000 pounds, equivalent to 8.5 million pounds. Eastnor Castle is popular among directors, hosting BBC countless pro...

Galeazzi Castle, Italy

Image Galeazzi Castle, Italy - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

If you are passionate about history, but not necessarily luxury, the castle Galeazzi is perfect for you. Being a construction of the fourteenth century, the castle has been turned into a 5-star hotel ,and is viewed as one of the most beautiful castle hotels in the world. Situated near Bologna, the castle belongs to the Foundation of Reading Retreats in Rural Italy, and if you want to visit the castle you m...

Schlosshotel Rosenau, Austria

Image Schlosshotel Rosenau, Austria - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

If you are passionate about the hidden history of humanity, you have to visit this castle. Why ?Because this beautiful Austrian castle was one of the places preferred by masons, it was home to a Masonic lodge for a long time. During the renovations carried out in the castle in the 70s several Masonic symbols, frescoes dating from the eighteenth century were discovered here. It is said that Mozart, himse...

Wasserschloss Lembeck, Germany

Image Wasserschloss Lembeck, Germany - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

The Lembeck Water Castle is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in West Germany. The baroque building dates from the fifteenth century, it was extended and renovated in the eighteenth century. Damaged by bombing in the Second World War the castle was renovated and opened to the public in 1954.În 1965, the bridge castle was turned into a museum, the rest became part of the hotel building ...

Xara Palace, Malta

Image Xara  Palace, Malta - The Best Castle Hotels in the World

Located in the medieval city of Mdina, Malta's former capital, Xara Palace is one of the most popular luxury hotels in Europe. Built in the seventeenth century as the private residence of a noble family, Xara Palace is located in the city center, offering Noble spectacular views over the city as it was called by the Knights. Mdina city has only 11,000 inhabitants . Mdina is still a treasure undiscovered b...

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