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Caesars Palace


Las Vegas is the city-tale city of the mirage, but it is real, the city of hope and sometimes the fate of the city of the same name in the Nevada desert state, the largest and the most luxurious city of entertainment in the United States. Here you can visit the architectural masterpieces the city hotels, affecting by their size, by the construction ingenuity, by brilliance and diversity. Many of them are free colorful shows.

Caesar Palace is a piece of Rome and the palace where every guest feels as a Caesar. The place is a blend of history of the 21st century. As in Venice you take a walk along the canal, listen to singing gondoliers, and, if lucky, see a view of Venice's opera. In addition to the above attractions, you will see the destruction of Atlantis in the midst of fire and water .

" Caesars Palace" is a light show on the biggest screen in the world, covering Fremont Street, where you can visit Paris in the present, and even willing to go up to the local Eiffel tower. You will experience the cultural fusion of the two most glorious civilizations of ancient times of Greece and Rome. Before the entrance is the Triumphal Arch, the Corinthian columns which support the pediment of the triangle, adorned with sculptures. Besides the casino, there are many others in fascinating places, including the Roman gardens and the shopping district in the center of where is a copy of the famous David sculpture by Michelangelo. By moving the sidewalk you can ride through ancient Rome, which seems reborn to life by laser holographic effects. There is a dance floor under the name Cleopatra's Barge. All, without exception, male staff in the Palace wear legionaries clothes and the waitresses are wrapped in Roman togas. Caesar’s Palace provides utmost entertainment to its guests through events starring Elton John and Jerry Seinfield in its custom-made Colosseum.

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Las Vegas often called just Vegas, is the largest city of Nevada state and the capital of the Clark County of the United States of America.
The city founded in 1911, is known for many casinos, shops, hotels and places of recreation.
It is an attraction for some 37 million tourists who arrive here each year, mainly for gaming but also for civil wedding services that take place here, knowing that you can marry here faster than anywhere in the world.
Las Vegas is rightly called the world capital of entertainment, it is known for fun and it causes addiction to gambling in the most representative casinos as The Mirage , The Wynn and The Bellagio .
Las Vegas is much more than a city, it is a non-stop show, is the peak time, especially in Fremont Street, which harmoniously combines light and sound bursts.
The Liberance Museum is also one of the most popular attractions for tourists arriving in Vegas, here are pieces of clothing by Liberance singer (Mr.
Showmanship) and cars driven by him.
  Attractions  Stratosphere Hotel / Roller coaster on the Stratosphere Hotel   Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, where there are characters like Harry Potter, David and Victoria Beckham, Robbie Williams or Captain Jack Sparrow.
The Bellagio Hotel and the casino complex with, the group owned by MGM Mirage , is an identical copy of the same hotel name on Lake Como in Italy with a group called Fiori di Como, composed of over 2,000 glass flowers covering a floor of 600 sqm.
To be identical with that from Italy, Americans have developed a lake with an area of 32,000 square meters that lies between the building and the boulevard.
The Tutankhamun's Museum of Luxor is a place where you can see the Egyptian pyramid or the Sphinx statue.
One of the most imposing buildings not only in size but also by its architecture, is the Caesars Palace Hotel , situated near the main street with antique statues and fountains.
In front of it there is a beautiful garden framed by two access ways for visitors and a row of shops as Geani Versace, Gucci, Nike, who also painted a space between the sky shops, leaving the impression of walking at night.
Las Vegas is still in development so that, sometimes still appear new hotels built or under construction.
The Las Vegas line is also found exact copies of the Eiffel Tower , the Egyptian pyramids or the ancient palaces of Rome.
At Hilton one can make a journey through the stars with favorite heroes of Star Trek, where employees are dressed as famous actors .
Accommodation at a hotel in Las Vegas can cost between 25 and 2,500 dollars, but what difference does money when you're in one of the seven wonders of nowadays.

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Caesars Palace - Fabulous Palace
Caesars Palace - Fabulous Palace

Caesars Palace - Wonderful place
Caesars Palace - Wonderful place

Caesars Palace - Classic luxurious building
Caesars Palace - Classic luxurious building

Caesars Palace - Architectural masterpiece
Caesars Palace - Architectural masterpiece