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The Bunda Cliffs


Australia is an ideal place to experience the painful feeling of "lag". It's memorable - waking at dawn in the bush, where Kookaburra and the golden sun spear the crown pierces of eucalyptus. And after walking six in the morning on Australia's waterfront, where fishermen unload their catch and the first ferry glides dreamily, you will realize that this beautiful. And the dawn is absolutely ethereal charming, because even in the era of jet airliners, the remoteness of Australia from all the inhabited continents, is the key to its identity, the source of its greatness and weakness.


The Great Australian Bight, where the Bunda cliffs are situated, is one the longest line of sea cliffs in the world. Nothing compares with the rocks of the Bunda Cliffs on the coast of the Great Australian Bight with the eroded edge of an ancient sea bed created by eons of marine animals' shells and skeletal remains which are part of the Nullarbor Plain. These cliffs on the ocean rise to 60-120 meters above the sea level. Besides cliffs, the coast line of the Great Australian Bight boasts with surfing beaches, rock platforms, ideal for whale-watching. The waters of the Gulf, despite the fact that they are relatively small in depth, are rich in flora and fauna due to a slight sedimentation. However, there are many species of sharks and whales , especially in coastal waters, as they migrate within the region. Along the coast of South Australia, you can enjoy whale somersault from the platform or just viewing from the beach. They often swim closer and defile a few hundred meters from the high Bunda Cliffs.


The Bunda Cliffs are a dramatic display of the edge of the Australian continent, one of the most dramatic sea cliffs in the world which surely can enchant the visitors’ eyes and make their stay memorable.

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Unique marine paradise… Wild and rugged, with coves and deserted sandy beaches with crystal clear water and often reachable only by sea, secluded anchorages on the background are the magnificent cliffs and mountains, sometimes with sleeping little ports where you can enjoy fresh fish caught daily, brought by the local fishermen.
  What is a sea cliff?   A sea cliff is a steep rock created by erosion along a coast.
The word cliff applies to any rocky escarpment, near a coast.
  Types of cliffs   We can distinguish: low cliffs (height less than 2 meters ), medium cliffs (between 2 and 10 meters) and high cliffs (over 10 meters).
The highest cliffs in the world, Kahiwa Falls , are located in Hawaii on the Molokai Island, and they are about 610 meters high.
  Cliff formation   Cliffs are formed:   by the action of horizontal erosion on an elevated bank  either by vertical action digging on a substrate rock  or by a differential erosion on two types of rocks , one being more sensitive than the other.
At the foot of the cliffs are usually the remains of their collapse phase in the form of piles of rocks.
The importance of these clusters often depends on the sensitivity of the erosion of the rock.
  Nesting habitats   Enjoy the close-up views of the beautiful sides of the rock nesting colonies, with binoculars and telescopes provided.
If you someday visit a sea cliff, you can closely look and see a basking adder, while at sea, may be porpoises and dolphins.
The sea cliffs provide nest sites for about 4,000 birds, including puffins, guillemots, auks and fulmars.
Other birds that use this habitat include Peregrines and Ravens.
Seabird populations are monitorized not to be bothered and any disturbances to the colony are minimized.
  Visitors’ value   The beauty of the reserves with seabird spectacles, operational lighthouses and many sites of geological and of archaeological interest, make the sea cliffs very popular among visitors.
These are major tourist attractions to enhance the flow of tourist revenue to islands and seas.
If possible, you will be provided support by the local communities and you will be transported to another slower, more relaxing time.
  As the cliffs are located along rocky coastlines, being on the top of them offers stunning and spacious views.
Sea cliffs are the most beautiful parts of the seas.
The array of barren rocks, the reefs and beaches serve as the best opportunities for excellent tours for a day, swimming and romantic vacations.
Sea cliffs are good spots, splendid isolations for relaxation and meditation.

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The Bunda Cliffs - Dramatic display
The Bunda Cliffs - Dramatic display