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The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney


South of Sydney Harbour, just southeast of the Sydney Opera House, are located the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, representing a sprawling 30 hectares of Green  close to the Sydney central business district, and neighboring to the 35 hectares of Sydney’s Domain.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, located at a short distance from the water's edge from the Sydney Opera House, is one of the most wonderful settings you can admire anywhere, with spectacular gardens covering an area of land created between the harbour and the eastern part of the central business district. The gardens rise up on the side of an undulating piece of land and the views over the harbour, from the top of the hill are breathtaking. Large trees providing a great shade canvas can be seen in the garden, making it an ideal  area to stop and have lunch, staying on the grass and delighting  your eyes with the harbour views.
A marvelous walkway  around the harbor  faces the lower part of the gardens, being popular  for lunchtime walks or jogs. The gardens contain more than a million specimens and there exists even a so called hop-on hop-off "train" for the less energetic. The gardens are a great gateway from the noisy and crowdy  city and are perfectly situated pretty close to some of the most elegant city hotels lined around Hyde Park
The Sydney’s Botanical Gardens  are open to the public the year round, except  Christmas Day and Good Friday. The treasured Gardens were founded in 1816 and represent the  Australia’s oldest scientific institution that comprise plant collections of more than 7500 species. It is the homeland of Australia’s first farm as well. The Sydney Gardens are a tremendous attraction, perfect  for long walks along the curve of Farm Cove, starting with the Man of War Jetty close to the Sydney Opera House till the Mrs Macquaries Point in the east, going down to the Domain to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Since their establishment, the gardens  represent one of Sydney's loveliest natural sites. The gardens open also stunning views over the Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, which are the best attractions of the city. Some specimens of plants seem to be planted by the newly arrived European colonists, around 200 years ago. The gardens were also home to the first vegetable patch of the country, and the tourists are able to visit the site where Governor Phillip planted the first European vegetables, dating back to two centuries ago.
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney are carefully crossed by many paths and it is very easy to walk around, to admire its splendid beauty. The gardens are well designed with important signs, for example there are some species of plants which can be included as rare and exotic varieties, offering useful information about them. A perfect example of the garden’s rare plants is the Wollemi Pine which is believed to be extinct but rediscovered in 1994.
The tourists can lose the time here and spend an entire day exploring  and discovering the beauty of these amazing gardens. Autumn is the perfect time for  visits, whether you choose to go for a jog, or going with the family out a pleasant leisure time. The ever changing  colours during the autumn months are spectacular  and vibrant offering  a majestic  colour palette staying as back drop of any day.
 Over 960 plant groups  are presented in the gardens that wait to be discover, that means a single visit is definitely not enough. When  you get to see and explore you will get to admire an abundance of little pockets of great interest designed in every corner of the gardens, transformed into a small paradise on the earth. A herb garden full of fragrant herbs to touch and smell, makes kids to fall in love of it, added to a gift shop and cafe where to take a well deserved relaxation, a serene Japanese garden complete with pagoda, and  a small bridge crossing directly over a trickling stream. 

In the gardens are other interesting paths, crisscrossing  one another as the lines on one’s hand, leading, to two sets of ponds, a visitors' centre and gardens shop, restaurants and kiosks, garden sculptures, and countless horticultural areas. If the guests decide to join them, there exist guided walks organized daily, except on public holidays, at 10.30am. The tour of the  Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney  by trackless train is always accessible, featuring  a small charge for this. Wheelchair access is offered, excepting  the steep paths and also in stepped lands, as well in one routes to the Pioneer Garden where a young Wollemi pine is shown, but there is wheelchair access from the Macquarie St side, that takes the guest to the wonderful site.
At the Palm Grove Centre there is designed the Botanic Gardens Restaurant and a Cafe, a Garden Shop and the Visitors Information Counter. The guided tours feature a free daily and lunchtime guided walk, or booked group walks, Aboriginal heritage tours and also the Friends of the Gardens ceremonies and interesting activities. 
The fruit bats or flying foxes are now in abundance  in the Royal Botanical Gardens and you cannot  blame them because it is a fantastic  place for a flying fox. But actually they are  moved on through a humane form of noise disruption to try and reduce the immense size of their colonies which have taken up residence and destroy the rare and the historical flora and fauna. The Royal Botanical Gardens simply hug the unique Sydney Harbour and its sprawling pitches, its veritable gardens and pathways that form the dramatic   way to The Domain. It is not only the gardens that make the area a fantastic gateway, but there marvelous architectural structures, such as the Government house, which represent the great example of residence of the Governor of New South Wales. The incredible grounds of the Government House are opened to the public access. There are also architectural tours of the house, a mock castle that dates back to 1845.
The Botanic Gardens of Sydney include a large pond where the colored ducks and other superb birds are fed by tourists, who ignore the request to not feed them. Some of the birds that can be admired in the park are the Sacred Ibis, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, the White-faced Heron and the Rainbow Lorikeet. The atmosphere is truly pleasant, filled with nice memories, interesting moments that mark your lovely visit. Spend a really unforgettable day, walking through well designed and beautiful pathways, that take you to welcoming and warm space. Enjoy lovely moments, while admiring in tranquility the whole beauty, that will delight your eyes and will surprise you for its original stage of life. The treasured gardens are incredible, full of majesty and mystery, leaving only good impressions on you, with a lot of useful information. We recommend these adorable gardens to you and we are sure that you will experience here the best adventures, trying to explore the magnificent treasure of the gardens. Feel free to enjoy unrepeatable moments  and exciting activitites.

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Are you a garden enthusiast?  Do you love to take care of plants, of rare species of trees and to walk through some green exclusive landscapes.
?  Botanical gardens are the ideal spot where to enjoy such lovely moments, admiring the spectacular beauty of the Mother Nature.
We know that all of us need plants in this world.
The botanical gardens are those areas where the nature is protected and well preserved, to keep its original majesty.
A garden is a planned and totally controled space, often created outside, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
The botanical gardens are those enchanting places which offer a lot of useful information, about their statues, plants, flowers or trees that enchant the guests’ eyes.
The world's most beautiful gardens are veritable tourist attractions and most of them are works of art in the real sense.
Fountains, statues, sculptures, rare birds, plants and flowers arranged in a spectacular way - are just some of the most representative words for these gardens.
If you want to relax and to take a deep breath of fresh air, than choose to rest yourself in some remarkable and tranquil spaces, designed to appear as fantastic gardens.
Every country features its own botanical gardens, which are really picturesque pearls, left to impress the tourists and to relax their mind and soul.
Decorated with specific features, beautified by original and notable beauties, the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world will always be great destinations for a silent and pleasant journey.
So, do not hesitate and take a look at the most beautiful botanical gardens and choose the next destination for your next holiday, and you will never be disappointed or bored there, as they will leave  only nice impressions and majestic dreams.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Relaxing spot
The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Relaxing spot

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Amazing view
The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Amazing view

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Scenic beauty
The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Scenic beauty

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Splendid view
The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Splendid view