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The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka


Russia has the largest number of geysers on the territory of the Kamchatka Peninsula, not far from the Kikhpinych volcano in the Geyser Valley. For a long time they were not known, the valley of geysers was discovered only in 1941. At present there are about 100, including about 20 large geysers. The geysers are not inferior in height and strength in comparison with the water jet geysers of Iceland, New Zealand and the United States.


The Geyser Valley


The Geyser Valley is one of the largest geyser fields of the world and Eurasia. The Valley of Geysers is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve . It is one of the Seven Wonders of Russia . The biggest geyser in Kamchatka is the Giant.


About the Giant Geyser


The Giant is a geyser situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The "Giant" is capable of spewing about thirty tons of water per minute to a height of nine houses. The Giant is striking in its grandeur - a powerful burst and a fountain of boiling water to a height cock up to 30 m, an enormous stream of falling down and the raging creek flows into a river . Its activities are subject to a particular period. Within three hours of going to rest, and then it throws a giant fountain of hot water . The water temperature is usually 95-97 ° C. of hot steam. The eruption continues for nearly forty minutes after the end of the river flowing nearby. It runs out ,overflows its banks and increases by almost half in size. It is no coincidence that it is called a miracle water volcano eruption because it is an excellent and exciting spectacle. The Giant geyser is impressive.




The release of water begins suddenly and it is a magnificent and picturesque spectacle. Waiting for the start of the geyser’s activity one can see the geyser ‘s fast breaks in the sky of a pole of 30 meters. The eruption is accompanied by a deafening explosion. The Giant throws the water in just two minutes. During this short time from the earth gushes about 25 thousand liters of mineral water. The column of water is surrounded by a huge cloud of steam which occurs around the rainbow. But everything comes to an end very quickly, and if people want more time to enjoy this beautiful picture, they have nothing to do but to spend three more hours near the geysers. The workers of theKamchatka Institute developed various projects on the use of the hot water of the Giant. It is used to heat homes and greenhouses.


The Giant Geyser in Kamchatka is the biggest and one of the most beautiful geysers in the world. It is undoubtedly one of the places which are worth to be visited offering spectacular views and incredible sights for its visitors.

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Geyser ( Geysir , the name of one of the sources of " Golden Ring ", from the Islandic geysa - gush) is a source periodically ejecting fountains of hot water and steam.
Geysers are one of the manifestations of later stages of volcanism , and common areas of modern volcanic activity provided by hydrogeological conditions.
Being an intermittent hot water spring and vapor, volcanic, throwing water at regular intervals, to the sea lifting time form of a column, a geyser occurs if the activity of a volcano is at a late stage.
  Large assets of geysers in the world are few , but they are of a rare beauty and fascination.
They are a pride and remarkable natural phenomena for the states where they are situated .
No matter what shape, cone-like or like fountains, geysers are rare as they need an almost perfect balance of heat and water conditions and the right rock and channeling.
  Best spots of geysers in the world   There are few best spots of geysers in the world.
There are only about a thousand geysers in the world situated on some major geothermal areas with geysers force on the Earth: Yellowstone Plateau in the U.
(where it is concentrated about half of all existing geysers), Iceland, New Zeeland( 58 geysers), Kamchatka, Chile, Papua New Guinea ( 38 active geysers), Indonesia( Sumatra Island – 17 geysers), Eastern Africa ( 6 geysers), China ( 10 geysers), Japan ( 4 geysers), Ethiopia and Kenya( very few).
  Europeans first learned about the Icelandic geysers in the thirteenth century.
Yellowstone geysers were far from the civilized world until of the first decade of the nineteenth century.
John Colter ‘s stories were perceived as nonsense for too long time.
It took more than fifty years, unless specific expedition with the participation of artists and photographers convinced people of the existence of the world's largest geyser fields in the super-giant caldera of the dormant.
In 1872, Yellowstone geysers were under the protection of the world's first national park.
In 1850, a missionary from R.
Taylor became aware of the geysers in New Zealand.
It was only in 1941 that is only recently in historical terms, has been committed by one of the last great geographical discoveries on the planet.
Thegeologist T.
Ustinova and the conductor Alexander Krupenin, apparently, were the first humans to set foot on the shore of the river called Geyser.
  What threatens the geysers? How long do they live? In some parts of the world geothermal geysers are simply former constructions.
In the 19th century , New Zealand North Island had five major geyser fields, which erupted about 220 geysers, now it has only 58 geysers, some of them quite small.
The reasons for the disappearance of New Zealand's geysers are different : natural disasters (volcanic eruption of Tarawera, changes on the groundwater levels), the drilling for the construction of thermal power plants, flooding during the construction of hydroelectric power.
The most powerful geyser on the Earth , Waimangu existed in New Zealand from 1899 to 1904.
With each eruption, it threw about 800 tons of water and trapped many jet stones raised by half a kilometer high.
There are even cases of death, found themselves too close to the erupting from the giant.
But Waimangu stopped working due to the lower water levels in the nearby lake.
  Geysers are valuable destinations in the world.
A fascinating circuit where you can live unforgettable moments is visiting spectacular attractions such as the mysterious geysers.
They offer fascinating landscapes where majestic volcanoes and impressive lava formations are found together.
If you are a geyser fan, we offer a selection of the most beautiful and largest geysers in the world.

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The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Impressive place
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Impressive place

The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka -  Miraculous volcanic eruption
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Miraculous volcanic eruption

The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Exciting spectacle
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Exciting spectacle

The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Incredible view
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Incredible view

The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Amazing water pool
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Amazing water pool

The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - The Geyser Valley
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - The Geyser Valley

The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Impressive view
The Giant Geyser, Kamchatka - Impressive view