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The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park


The Yellowstone National Park


The Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwest part of Wyoming, "climbing" on the territory of other two states - Idaho and Montana. There are many geysers in the Yellowstone Park geyser basin . However, the wooden sidewalks of the Upper geyser gives the opportunity to see almost all the most interesting. In total, the park has 10,000 hot springs, geysers, including 200 daily bringing to the surface 390 tons of rock. Surrounded by mountains the Yellowstone National Park lies on the volcanic plateau 2200-2500 m above the sea level.


About the Old Faithful Geyser


In the vast valley, which runs to the length of 2.5 kilometers near the edge of the forest, a slightly raised mound of gray limestone which is barely noticeable smokes constantly. This is " The Old Faithful" geyser, named for another pioneer of Yellowstone regular eruptions. Every 65-66 minutes from its neck, reaching a diameter of about two meters, a powerful water fountain height of 40-60 meters begins to beat. There are emissions for 3-4 minutes to 50 thousand liters of boiling water, the geyser fades and only a little puffing steam. About a million times hit, " The Old Faithful" since its discovery, "led" the drafters of the schedule (which is posted for the benefit of tourists) only three times: twice as "hasty", worked after 33 minutes, and once "too late" by hitting for a half of an hour.


Fantastic performance


After dark, the spotlight turns into a colored eruption in a fantastic performance, which converges on the view, almost all nearby. Now " The Old Faithful" brings millions of dollars profit to the park and to the state. A hotel, a construction of log oversized multi-storey cottage with cottages scattered around was built there and thousands of visitors rest for a season. " The Old Faithful" is not the biggest upper geyser basin decoration. The "Giant" squirts water up to 75 meters high and it has 2-3 hours of eruption throwing four million liters of water.


The power of nature


The Old Faithful Geyser, named during an expedition in 1870, demonstrates the power of nature every 65 to 90 minutes, depending on the duration of the previous eruption. The eruption can shoot up to 8400 gallons (32,000 liters) of water 185 feet (56 meters) in height. The internal temperature of the water was measured at 244 ° F (118 ° C), with a steam at a temperature of 350 ° F. The Old Faithful erupts twenty times a day, but the seismic activity in this area can be changed as it was measured twenty-one times the day before the earthquake in the 1959.


The Old Faithful does not seem to be getting less reliable, although, the eruption can be predicted with about 90 per cent confidence. There are programs to entertain and inform the gathering crowd in the interval between the eruptions. These programs are held on the promenade in the immediate vicinity of the three boxes that surround the Old Faithful. There are benches available, but in the summer months, the crowd can be so large that it is necessary to get there early to keep a place. The Old Faithful Geyser can be easily spotted from the back of the crowd along the boardwalk, and in other areas of the park . You can also enjoy a cable-hour along the Old Faithful in Yellowstone with a collage of rising hot spots, hiding the animal herds and remote waterfalls.


Best place to visit


The eruption of the Old Faithful can be seen any time of the year, but at the Yellowstone National Park you can experience extremes. Summer can be crowded and hot, and winters are usually snowy and cold, but every season adds something to the beauty and the implementation of the communication. The popular time to visit to avoid these limbs is during the spring or the fall season. The sunset and the sunrise viewing the Old Faithful is particularly beautiful. It is possible to view the Old Faithful from 360 °, so do not feel obliged to stay on the main part of the boardwalk that winds through the basin. There's so much to see and to do in the Yellowstone National Park, which is larger than the state of Delaware or Rhode Island. You may spend a week and still not see it all. If you do not have a week, some of the best events can be found in the upper geyser basin in the southwest corner of the park. All the geysers, pools and wildlife make it a truly unique place to visit.


Beautiful geyser


The Old Faithful geyser is the essence of the Yellowstone National Park experience. It is situated at the head of the Upper Geyser Basin and it is home to most of the geysers in the park. Yellowstone as a whole has more than 60 percent of the geysers in the world, but none is more famous than Old Faithful. The Old Faithful is the most beautiful geyser in the Yellowstone Park. The Geyser throws up to 30,000 liters of hot water every 30-80 minutes, having a flow height of 30-56 feet. A huge number of tourists (up to 2000 people) go on the viewing platform in front of the Old Faithful Geyser.

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Geyser ( Geysir , the name of one of the sources of " Golden Ring ", from the Islandic geysa - gush) is a source periodically ejecting fountains of hot water and steam.
Geysers are one of the manifestations of later stages of volcanism , and common areas of modern volcanic activity provided by hydrogeological conditions.
Being an intermittent hot water spring and vapor, volcanic, throwing water at regular intervals, to the sea lifting time form of a column, a geyser occurs if the activity of a volcano is at a late stage.
  Large assets of geysers in the world are few , but they are of a rare beauty and fascination.
They are a pride and remarkable natural phenomena for the states where they are situated .
No matter what shape, cone-like or like fountains, geysers are rare as they need an almost perfect balance of heat and water conditions and the right rock and channeling.
  Best spots of geysers in the world   There are few best spots of geysers in the world.
There are only about a thousand geysers in the world situated on some major geothermal areas with geysers force on the Earth: Yellowstone Plateau in the U.
(where it is concentrated about half of all existing geysers), Iceland, New Zeeland( 58 geysers), Kamchatka, Chile, Papua New Guinea ( 38 active geysers), Indonesia( Sumatra Island – 17 geysers), Eastern Africa ( 6 geysers), China ( 10 geysers), Japan ( 4 geysers), Ethiopia and Kenya( very few).
  Europeans first learned about the Icelandic geysers in the thirteenth century.
Yellowstone geysers were far from the civilized world until of the first decade of the nineteenth century.
John Colter ‘s stories were perceived as nonsense for too long time.
It took more than fifty years, unless specific expedition with the participation of artists and photographers convinced people of the existence of the world's largest geyser fields in the super-giant caldera of the dormant.
In 1872, Yellowstone geysers were under the protection of the world's first national park.
In 1850, a missionary from R.
Taylor became aware of the geysers in New Zealand.
It was only in 1941 that is only recently in historical terms, has been committed by one of the last great geographical discoveries on the planet.
Thegeologist T.
Ustinova and the conductor Alexander Krupenin, apparently, were the first humans to set foot on the shore of the river called Geyser.
  What threatens the geysers? How long do they live? In some parts of the world geothermal geysers are simply former constructions.
In the 19th century , New Zealand North Island had five major geyser fields, which erupted about 220 geysers, now it has only 58 geysers, some of them quite small.
The reasons for the disappearance of New Zealand's geysers are different : natural disasters (volcanic eruption of Tarawera, changes on the groundwater levels), the drilling for the construction of thermal power plants, flooding during the construction of hydroelectric power.
The most powerful geyser on the Earth , Waimangu existed in New Zealand from 1899 to 1904.
With each eruption, it threw about 800 tons of water and trapped many jet stones raised by half a kilometer high.
There are even cases of death, found themselves too close to the erupting from the giant.
But Waimangu stopped working due to the lower water levels in the nearby lake.
  Geysers are valuable destinations in the world.
A fascinating circuit where you can live unforgettable moments is visiting spectacular attractions such as the mysterious geysers.
They offer fascinating landscapes where majestic volcanoes and impressive lava formations are found together.
If you are a geyser fan, we offer a selection of the most beautiful and largest geysers in the world.

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The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Spectacular view
The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Spectacular view

The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Striking geyser
The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Striking geyser

The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - High fountain
The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - High fountain

The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Wonderful volcanic area
The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Wonderful volcanic area

The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Impressive sunset
The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Impressive sunset

The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Fantastic performance
The Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park - Fantastic performance