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Red Fort


   Red Fort  is a very famous palace in the world for its structure and unique design. Is named Red Fort because it is built of red stones and the history of India is related with this fort. Belongs to Delhi since was announced that India is a free country and the colonial rule doesn’t exist anymore. The Red Fort marks the end of the 3 century of Mughal rule.

  The Mughal King when came to Dehli started the foundation of the fort in 1639 and took more than 9 years to complete and were spent more than 10 millions rupees.  In 1647 this structure was inaugurated in a very special way, all the halls were covered by silk and velvet. It has a octagonal form and includes two entrances: Lahore and Delhi gates. It has 900 metres, the height of its tower is about 34 metres.
  The Lahore gate it the main entrance and leads to a long street, Chatta Chowk   where are lined stalls for shops. Initially this street separated the palace from the military functions of the fort. To the southern end of the street is the Dehli Gate. This fort includes a lot of buildings in its complex.
   One of them is Diwan-i- Khas that represents a pavilion for public imperial audiences. This place is designed of marble and the pylons are decorated in floral sculptures each of them has  precious stones. Here the Emperor had private audiences and was listening to people’s complaints. Beyond the Chatta Chowk is a place named Naubat khana where the musicians used to play music for the emperor or for the princes.
  So this place has its own history full of glory, and makes its atmosphere full of mystery. Just entering in this building you will the breath of the purity that gives the atmosphere.

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New Dehli is an excellent destination for your holiday.
Its historical life with a lot of museums and sacred places will always delight your eyes.
Here even the stones are whispering to your ears all the hard moments that it pass during the time.
Its unique architecture is marked through its old monuments.
Check out New Dehli’s beauty and make an educated decision based on reality.

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Red Fort - Interior view
Red Fort - Interior view