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New Dehli is an excellent destination for your holiday. Its historical life with a lot of museums and sacred places will always delight your eyes. Here even the stones are whispering to your ears all the hard moments that it pass during the time. Its unique architecture is marked through its old monuments. Check out New Dehli’s beauty and make an educated decision based on reality.
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Humayun's Tomb

   Humayun’s Tomb is the first example of mughal architecture inspired from the Persian style. This tomb was built due to the order of Humayun’s widow, Hamida Banu Begum in 1562. It took over 8 years to see it like it appers today, and is made from red sandstone and the black and white marble is used only in the borders.   This tomb reperesents the earliest specimen of a garden tomb with causeways and a lot of channels. It situated in a classical...

India Gate

  India Gate is a very important monument in the city and was built to commemorate  more than 80,000 of indian solders who died in the First World War. The monument appears as a huge  42 metres arch hand that  was designed by the architector Edwin Lutyens. This arch is made from red stone and has inscripted  the name”India „on its both sides. The hole arch stands on a base of red stone .   This gate is a well know...

The Bahai Temple

   The Bahai Temple is situated in the very heart of New Delhi. This spectacular masterpiece is considered  an architectural wonder . It is also named “Lotus Temple “because is built in the shape of a lotus, the lotus flower being the symbol of India. It took almost 10 years to build this unique piece of art and it was opened to visitors in December 1986. It appears as half opened lotus flower  made from sand,dolomite and marble.   This...

Qutub Minar

   Qutub Minar is the tallest and well known towers in the world and one more structure of Mughal Architecture. This grand structure was built in the 13th century , made from red stone which has 72.5 metres high. It was buil by the founder of Slave Dynasty , and he designed this tower only from red brick and sandstone that makes it an exclusive example of indo-islamic afghan architecture.   Qutub Minar is surrounded by a green garden that makes this place th...

Red Fort

   Red Fort  is a very famous palace in the world for its structure and unique design. Is named Red Fort because it is built of red stones and the history of India is related with this fort. Belongs to Delhi since was announced that India is a free country and the colonial rule doesn’t exist anymore. The Red Fort marks the end of the 3 century of Mughal rule.   The Mughal King when came to Dehli started the foundation of the fort in 1639 and took ...

Jama Masjid

   Jama Masjid  is a famous mosque in Delhi that was built in 1656 by Shajahan. This structure features a mughal style and is the country’s largest mosque. The mosque comprises two minarets and three domes where thousand of muslims offer prayers. The structure is surrounded by several shops which offer a variety of things to the visitors. It is built from red sandstone and combines the hindu and muslim style in the architecture.   The structure is...

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