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The Bahai Temple


   The Bahai Temple is situated in the very heart of New Delhi. This spectacular masterpiece is considered  an architectural wonder . It is also named “Lotus Temple “because is built in the shape of a lotus, the lotus flower being the symbol of India. It took almost 10 years to build this unique piece of art and it was opened to visitors in December 1986. It appears as half opened lotus flower  made from sand,dolomite and marble.

  This temple is surrounded by walkways with beautiful balustrades, some bridges and stairs surround the  nine pools which represent the nine leaves of the lotus. This flower means purity and dignity, peace and harmony and accepts in its interior all the religions that humanity knows. This structure was designed by Fariborz Sahba, an Iranian architect who was helped by 800 engineers to built this complicated structure. The temple consists of three ranks of nine petals. The two ranks are curved through the interior of the bulding embracing the inner dome, the third rank is outdoor curved and forms canopies over the entrances. The petals are covered with white marble, and there are nine arches that support the central hall.
  For the lotus flower is a deep reverence that makes this flower to be a sacred one associated with worship for many centuries. This flower is rising up pure and untouched from stagnant water and represents the manifestation of God. This temple has a total absence of idols and sometimes causes confusion but inside you can receive a favorable response to all your perplexities.
  The Bahai Temple is one of the seven temples of Bahai Faith that were built around the world. People come here to find the tranquility and silence that they need, and they can learn from Bahai Faith that says that there is one God and one religion. This unique structure is dramatic after the sunset when is floodlit. The nine reflecting  pools that surround the temple are built in a special way to look like the green leaves of the lotus flower. During the night all the people are admiring this spectacular view and all of them are impressed of its amazing beauty.

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The Bahai Temple - Night view
The Bahai Temple - Night view

The Bahai Temple - Overview
The Bahai Temple - Overview