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India Gate

  India Gate is a very important monument in the city and was built to commemorate  more than 80,000 of indian solders who died in the First World War. The monument appears as a huge  42 metres arch hand that  was designed by the architector Edwin Lutyens. This arch is made from red stone and has inscripted  the name”India „on its both sides. The hole arch stands on a base of red stone .
  This gate is a well known place and people come here usually to relax and for picnics especially in summer evenings. The  foundation stone was put down in 1921 by the duke of Connaught. 10 years later this monument was given to the country by Lord Irwin. Below the gate stands another monument Amar Javan  Jyoti  that was added to this place since India became independent. It is an arched memorial also that has a burning flame that burns during the day or night, and means a sign of respect for the sodiers who fighted in the India-Pakistan War in 1971.
  India Gate is surrounded by lush green lawns , a lot of fountains are around that are illuminated with different coulours to give to this place a sacred atmosphere. Nearby is a great canopy that has a roof of red sandstone where lied once the marble statue of George V. This statue was also designed by  Edwin Lutyens in 1936. This statue was removed after this in the North Delhi to the Coronation Memorial Park.
  India Gate is fantastic in the evening or night when the lights are on and the atmosphere becomes exceptional. The childrens and a lot of familes enjoy there and everything you can hear is laughters. So the best time to visit India Gate is after sunset when the place is dramatically floodlit and the fountains change the ambiance  into unbelievable one.

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New Dehli is an excellent destination for your holiday.
Its historical life with a lot of museums and sacred places will always delight your eyes.
Here even the stones are whispering to your ears all the hard moments that it pass during the time.
Its unique architecture is marked through its old monuments.
Check out New Dehli’s beauty and make an educated decision based on reality.

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India Gate - Night view
India Gate - Night view