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Humayun's Tomb


   Humayun’s Tomb is the first example of mughal architecture inspired from the Persian style. This tomb was built due to the order of Humayun’s widow, Hamida Banu Begum in 1562. It took over 8 years to see it like it appers today, and is made from red sandstone and the black and white marble is used only in the borders.

  This tomb reperesents the earliest specimen of a garden tomb with causeways and a lot of channels. It situated in a classical garden that is devided in 4 parts by 2 water channels  that have paved areas fo r walks. Humayun’s Tomb stands in the center of a plinth of about 7 metres high, and the top of its central dome has about 140 feet from the ground. This dome has double-storey ; the first storey shows the exterior white marble and the second storey is the interior one that defines the volume. The architectural  mausoleum sits on a high platform with small arched cells along the sides. It has a octagonal form with 4 long and 4 short sides.
  The central chamber has arched lobbies with openings that are closed with some perforated screens. The second storey has the same design with a roof over the 42 metres high double dome with marble or redstone. The windows  are placed in such a delicate way that offer the possibility for the light to get in during the day. Inside the mausoleum are graved all the names of the mughal dinasty that lived there.
  This tomb is the main attraction for tourist that come in india and is a symbol of the history of Mughal India. It wil be a great experience for everyone to see this unique monument and to fiind out the greatest things  about its history. It is surrounded by wonderful gardens with several plants and trees for all seasons that make the place agreable all the year. The water channels that support the platform are filled with water to keep  the garden  green all the time. 

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Humayun's Tomb - Interior view