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Krasnaya Polyana


   Krasnaya Polyana (The Red Meadow), known as The Kings Mountain was the favorite vacation spot of Emperor Nicholas. It is the world's only ski resort, located so close to the sea. This is the place where the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be held. Krasnaya Polyana - a distinctive resort village with a long history of attracting thousands of visitors today. They visit fabulous mountain landscapes, snow slopes for skiing, crystal clear water and unique forests, air, mineral springs.

   Krasnaya Polyana in Russia has a unique ski infrastructure, and among the top ten resorts in the world of vertical drop - 1698 (from 540 m to 2238m). Here is the ski slopes of varying degrees of complexity, which are suitable for skiing, both professionals and novices. At Krasnaya Polyana any traveler chosen a property based on their individual needs and financial capabilities.

   People come here to ski the reference snow cover, which will not find anywhere. Drinking a glass of brandy among the elite of charm, in the bars of the highest snowy peaks of Russia, located at an altitude of 1,144 meters above sea level will be an unforgettable experience.
Here you can simply live in an atmosphere of elegant, royal pleasures. Then take a ride in a jeep among relict forests and glaciers, visit the Pyramid of energy or paragliding to mountain eagles. After working up,  decide to dine at the top of the mountain! And then the helicopter carries you a charming trip in company of friends in the zone of perpetual snow. Only you, the mountains, the sky ... After such an eventful day in the evening you could have a perfect light supper at the fireside. To drink wine with good company, to sit meditating around the fire. And then to sleep in a truly royal chambers and to see a truly imperial dreams. Dreams that come true in the morning!

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One of the largest country in the world, Russia impress you with its unique architecture, natural landscapes, inimitable beauty, monuments of history and cultural heritage.
If you are addicted to history, culture and unbelievable emotions, you should definitely visit Russia.

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  Krasnaya Polyana  - The mountain
Krasnaya Polyana - The mountain's top view

  Krasnaya Polyana  - Pleasant hospitality
Krasnaya Polyana - Pleasant hospitality

  Krasnaya Polyana  - The mountain ski resort
Krasnaya Polyana - The mountain ski resort

  Krasnaya Polyana  - Amazing view
Krasnaya Polyana - Amazing view