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One of the largest country in the world, Russia impress you with its unique architecture, natural landscapes, inimitable beauty, monuments of history and cultural heritage. If you are addicted to history, culture and unbelievable emotions, you should definitely visit Russia.
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The Peterhof Palace

  The Peterhof Palace is actually a series of palaces and gardens located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great. These Palaces and gardens are sometimes referred as the "Russian Versailles". The palace-ensemble along with the city centre is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The most prominent architectural landmark of Peterhof palace and park ensembled is a huge baroque building of the Peterhof Palace, also known as “Petrodvorets”. The palace was...

Lake Baikal

 It is one of the most beautiful lakes on earth. Once there, you will find that everywhere you look, you discover a magnificent sight to admire. Lake Baikal, located in southern East Siberia, is the largest reservoir of fresh water in the world. Its ability is 23,000 m3 and constitute 20% of the world's water. He is about 30 million years, and although scientists are trying to guess its mysteries. The lake has a special geographical location: Lake Baikal, is surrounded by mountains, ...

The Hermitage Museum

    The Hermitage is a state treasury, which is completing its stores and storage during several centuries. Therefore, the number of its museum exhibits is enormous. The State Hermitage Museum has a collection, numbering about three million works of art and monuments of world culture. In its structure  are present painting, drawing, sculpture and applied art, archaeological and numismatic materials. The Hermitage is one of the largest art museums in the wor...

Moscow, capital of Russia

  For most westerners, Russia is Associated With its European cities - Moscow and St.Petersburg. This is the heartland of Russia, great and ancient cities and tissue often become the focus for most guests. However, there is much more about Russia, the country spans eleven time zones that. Within this vast expanse lies the largest freshwater lake in the world, rivers and forests teeming with fish and wildlife, awe inspiring volcanoes, and towering mountains. &nbs...

Saint Basil's Cathedral

  Saint Basil's Cathedral - one of the brightest and most famous monuments of ancient architecture. Already in the 16 th century the cathedral fascinated travelers and guests of Moscow, and for the Russians became a symbol of national history and national character. In 1552 to commemorate the victory of troops of Ivan the Terrible in the war for the conquest of Kazan and Astrakhan Khanate was founded a church, consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity. In 1554 Ivan the Terrible ordered to...

Krasnaya Polyana

   Krasnaya Polyana (The Red Meadow), known as The Kings Mountain was the favorite vacation spot of Emperor Nicholas. It is the world's only ski resort, located so close to the sea. This is the place where the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be held. Krasnaya Polyana - a distinctive resort village with a long history of attracting thousands of visitors today. They visit fabulous mountain landscapes, snow slopes for skiing, crystal clear water and unique forests, air,...

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