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The Republic of Zambia with its capital city Lusaka is located in Central Africa. The Republic of Zambia shares borders with Angola in the west, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east and Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to the south. Most of the country is located on a hilly plateau, lowering to the south. Areas of sublime relief include the famous Copper Belt and the picturesque plateau on the border with Nico Malawi, which is the highest point - the peak Mvanda (2150 m). The total area of the country is of 752.6 thousand square km. The climate, as it should be in Africa, tourists will be pleased: the coldest month is July, when the temperature drops to +15 ° C. In October, the air is to +27 ° C. The population is of 9 million 663 thousand persons, of whom 98 7% - indigenous Africans. The official language is English, but the local population uses to communicate vernaculars Bantu.


Tours to Zambia today offer a variety of operators. The Republic is famous for its beautiful nature and it has 19 protected national parks, the largest and the most popular of which is Kefyu. You will remember forever your holidays in this African country known to the world with its Victoria Falls, archaeological sites, numerous museums, and rafting on the Zambezi rapid River . The most popular is the tourist resort environment Zambian Siavonga, which is located in the north-eastern extremity of the lake called Kariba. The famous giant Victoria Falls (120 m and a width of about 2 km) is situated at the border area of Zambia on the Zambezi River near the town of Livingston. One of the best places to observe the "big plan" Victoria is at the "Knife Edge", which can only be achieved by subtle, but absolutely safe pedestrian bridge that passes directly through clouds of spray to the rocky island, a cliff overlooking a river. If the water is low and the wind is favorable, you will see a magnificent panorama of waterfalls and view the yawning chasm below the Zambezi Bridge which is more than offset the slight difficulty lifting. It is in Zambia where you can get an adrenaline rush, flying in a helicopter, light aircraft or glider, or alloys of the white foam of the boiling water on rafts and canoes. Here, also, to "Victoria Falls Bridge" is the world's largest attraction "bungee jump" (better known here as "bungee") - the height of the separation point is 111 m. Fans of more traditional rest also will be pleased, for their services - fishing on Lake Kariba and Tanganyika National Parks safaris and South Luangwa Loshinvar, watching animals and birds.

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Ndola is the second largest city in Zambia, the administrative center of the wire. Copperbelt. International Airport. Railroad and pipeline are connected to the port of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), the Indian Ocean. This is the center for non-ferrous metallurgy, petroleum refining, chemical, light and the sugar industry. The city was founded in 1904 on the spot market of slaves. This city was called the "city drivers, banks, and t...

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