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 A circus is the best decoration of the school vacation. It is like a  perpetual holiday. It is bright, elegant, alluring and attractive. It is very hard to say what circus is the best or most powerful in the world. Every circus has its special shows and it is different from each other. 


A  circus is art, it is optimistic and humane. Its main task is the glorification of strong, clever, harmonious developed men.


In creating a full – fledged art image in the art of circus, music, dance, mime, painting and even architecture play a major role. In order to create a circus, a group of people consisting of artists, film directors, painters, choreographers, composers and many others are necessary.


The circus art has been known since ancient times and it is connected with different hard processes of life and religious faiths.


In ancient Persia a warrior climbed a pole which his friend was holding  on his belt or shoulder. And all this was in order to look around the neighborhood.


In the education of soldiers in Africa  great importance was paid to the acrobatic movements, from which acrobatic jumps had been developed.


Performances of professional circus artists were known in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Byzantium.


A special role in the development of a circus folk is played by the  roving artists.


Knightly tournaments, equestrian events, displaying skillful riding have a great importance for the development of the circus. Juggling umbrellas is based on the magical ability to keep a balance and it is an amazing mastery.  The Astley amphitheatre was the first stationary circus.


A circus is  an ancient art and mystery.


A circus is the most spectacular and amazing fairy tale not only for children but for every age. The artists are dressed unusually. Their makeup is very interesting and the smile on their face is not missing at the concert. The circus atmosphere is very positive and granduous.  Once visiting you can get unforgettable feelings. The music, the  lights and the shows of the circus bring you into the  world of dreams. The circus is always decorated with beautiful bright colors. The animals that participate in the show are nice and interesting. A circus seems to be a real tale. We come to circus every time when we want our soul to smile.


The new generation is very lucky to have unusual, great circuses. Here are some of the most famous in the world.


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Cirque du Soleil - the most grandiose circus in the world

The Circus of the Sun is a brilliant representative of modern genre of circus arts. The company was founded by Guy Laliberte  and Daniel Gauthier in 1984. It is located in Montreal, Canada. The Cirque du Soleil employs over 4000 p...

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey

 Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey is the circus with the longest name in the world.   The Barnum great roman hippodrome represents a construction of wood and canvas. It has ten thousand places and  it is the most capacious auditorium, ever existed in New York. There are ostrich races, chariots race,...

The Great Moscow Circus- the best attraction in the world

Being in Moscow it is impossible not to visit the Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Prospect. This circus is unusual and full of miracles. It is a unique, without analogues circus in the world, it is always new and surprising.   It was built by the architect J. Belopolsky in 1971. It still remains the largest permanent circus in the w...

Heavenly show from China – the most amazing circus

 "Heavenly show from China" is the most wonderful circus of China. This is one of the oldest troupes in the world. The “Paradise show from China” is a Chinese acrobatic troupe from the ancient province of Zhejiang. The circus troupe of 100 artists has famous athletes who  won prizes and awards not only in China but also abroad. Famous professionals, acrobats and medals of various competitions act in this circus. The artists of the Paradise Provinces are...

Big Apple Circus – the most generous in the world

    The most famous American circus, “Big Apple” was created by the  jugglers Paul Binder and Michael Christensen. It was created in 1977.  The circus was the “offshoot” of the New York School of Circus Arts, which  became one of the community non-profit organizations. The suc...

Jim Rose Circus – the most shocking circus in the world

  Freak show attracted people at all times. Jim Rose opens  views of incredible miracles created by amazing and strange beings to the whole world.   Rose show is not for the faint hearted. All the punks are crazy about it, but unprepared spectators often are carried from the shows in semiconscious state. No one knows where Jim finds his crazy artists....

The Circus Krone-one of the largest circuses in Europe

Munich varies in its attractions and entertainment establishments. But when you want to go somewhere with the whole family, a place interesting to all its members, you have to choose, of course, the circus. One of the largest circuses in Europe, the Circus Krone is situated in Bavaria.    The history of the famous circus started in 1870. It all started with ...

The Fratellini Circus- the funniest circus in the world

 If we speak about the best  champagne in the world we remember “Veuve Clicquot”, the world’s best suits we associated with Brioni and if we speak about the unequaled clowns we definitely remember The Fratellini Brothers. Their name is the synonymous of the refined and beautiful clown. They were extremely talented, funny and kind.   The Fratellini ...

Golden Lion Circus – the oldest in the world

 The Chinese  invented not only the gunpowder, silk and paper, but also created a fantastic unique circus. This art in China has over 2000 years and it is liked more than the theatre, opera and ballet.  The Chinese circus doesn’t have numbers with trained animals, clowns and illusionists. The circus offers entertainments with the  best acrobats , jugglers and gymnasts in the world.  To become an artist of the ...

The Circus “Oz” of Australia-the most unusual circus

The Circus "Oz" was founded in 1977 as a union of two successful Australian companies: the "Soap" circus and the New Circus. The principles underlying the philosophy of "Oz" are reflected in the troupe performances: joint ownership, collective creation, gender equality, the unique Australian style and work in a cohesive group. The founders of the circus loved the traditional circus ...

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