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Probably one of the most overwhelming attractions for tourists are the lagoons,  some exotic destinations, that have fascinated people everywhere. These  small pieces of paradise have been admired  on countless  occasions in various movies, representing the ideal, secluded place for relaxation,  swimming or sun bathing.  If you want to spend the best vacation and you don’t know what destination to choose then we definitely recommend you the best lagoons in the world. Enjoy the most unforgettable vacation in a really picturesque place,  where you will see the wonderful harmony between the Mother Nature and  the human being.  Let yourself enticed of the spectacular beauty and spend wonderful moments in a delightful atmosphere!!!!!

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Nanuya Levu Lagoon

 Nanuya Levu or Turle Island is one of Fiji's most popular vacation destinations. Nanuya Levu Lagoon is situated between the Nanuya Lailai and Nanuya Levu islands. Probably the most incredible aspect of this island is the fact that it can be all yours, for a few hours or even days, just for some costs. Nanuya Levu is a privately owned island of the Yasawa Group in Fiji and the site of the Turtle Island Resort, a gorgeous luxury resort an...

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