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Probably one of the most overwhelming attractions for tourists are the lagoons,  some exotic destinations, that have fascinated people everywhere. These  small pieces of paradise have been admired  on countless  occasions in various movies, representing the ideal, secluded place for relaxation,  swimming or sun bathing.  If you want to spend the best vacation and you don’t know what destination to choose then we definitely recommend you the best lagoons in the world. Enjoy the most unforgettable vacation in a really picturesque place,  where you will see the wonderful harmony between the Mother Nature and  the human being.  Let yourself enticed of the spectacular beauty and spend wonderful moments in a delightful atmosphere!!!!!

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The Aitutaki Lagoon

Image The Aitutaki Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

 The Aitutaki Lagoon is beautifully located in the Cook Islands, being one of the most spectacular island lagoons in the world, with its world-famous stunning lagoon, coral reefs and small islets.  Situated in the very heart of the South Pacific Ocean, it opens  thousands of kilometers of open sea from any mainland or continent. The Aitutaki Lagoon is the most precious jewel of the Cook Islands.Aitutaki's Lagoon is one of the most wonderful env...

Bora Bora Lagoon

Image Bora Bora Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

Beautifully located on Motu Toopua, the Bora Bora Lagoon continues to be one of the best areas on Bora Bora island preserving its exquisite Polynesian style, bungalows and accommodations, featuring splendid Otemanu views, and outstanding locations on Bora Bora. The Bora Bora Lagoon hosts around 77 Polynesian style bungalows and villas that lie on a lush and tropical private motu with sunning views over Mt. Otemanu. The lagoon pro...

Pileh Lagoon

Image Pileh Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

Pileh Lagoon is probably one of the most fascinating places on the Earth. The lagoon represents a sheltered cove located on Phi Phi Leh that is virtually invisible till you are on top of it. The visitors can swim in its bathtub warm, turquoise water with no waves and white sand underfoot,living a quite interesting experience. Even during the cloudy days, you get  idea of how wonderful  this unrepeatable place is. This is a popular spot  and people feel fortunat...

The Blue Lagoon in Turkey

Image The Blue Lagoon in Turkey - The Best Lagoons in the World

 The Blue Lagoon which is located at the western part of Ölüdeniz Beach represents the gem of this  popular beach in Turkey. The Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz features calm, crystal clear waters which make it ideal for a large variety of water sports, being a safety place for children to swim.  The lagoon is  a protected area now, existing as a national park. This incredible natural lagoon includes serene, very d...

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Image The Blue Lagoon in Iceland - The Best Lagoons in the World

The Blue Lagoon  in Iceland is a truly majestic area.  The lagoon is perfectly situated in the middle of a large lava field, created by geothermal seawater. The hot water comes from holes as deep as 2000 meters and it  is used to fill the natural spa with warm water, being also used to power the nearby natural energy station.  The Blue Lagoon is probably one of the most beautiful bodies of water. You can lay y...

Truk Lagoon

Image Truk Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

Chuuk, including its large, shallow, beautiful lagoon is the ideal  Mecca. Hard and soft corals in an incredible scenery of colors and shapes attract divers worldwide for both daytime and night diving. The immense selection of artifacts still found on the wrecks after five decades are witnesses of the glorious history of the Micronesian Islands. Truk Lagoon is a wreck diverse paradise, perfect for both novice and experienced...

Marovo Lagoon

Image Marovo Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

Have fun and enjoy lovely moments while experiencing the adorable waters of the world’s largest saltwater lagoon in the world - Marovo Lagoon. The visitors can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive on this lagoon,which seems to be a small piece of paradise. The lagoon is located in the New Georgia north of Vanguru Island. There are many wonderful islands in the lagoon, some of which are even inhabited. The people live mainly by subsistence agriculture and fishing and speak the ...

Blue Lagoon of Malta

Image Blue Lagoon of Malta - The Best Lagoons in the World

 Blue Lagoon of Malta, considered one of the most fabulous  sights of the Maltese Islands. It is located in the tiny island of Comino, which is between Malta and Gozo island. The island is very small, there are no cars and it has a jagged coastline and many small creeks, sea caves and a miraculous lagoon. The visitors have the opportunity  to choose from two small, sandy beaches with excellent swimming and an excellent lagoon of brilliant turquoise blue water. ...

The Lagoon of Fakarava

Image The Lagoon of Fakarava - The Best Lagoons in the World

Located about  at an hour flight fromTahiti, the island of Fakarava  became a dream location for those seeking a tropical island getaway, ideal for those who are scuba diving’s lovers. Fakarava Island is protected as a biosphere reserve classified by UNESCO because of its rare flora and fauna, and also for its  ecosystem rich in birds and lagoon crustaceans. The lagoon is outstanding, warm home to amazing sha...

Laguna Colorada

Image Laguna Colorada - The Best Lagoons in the World

Laguna Colorada, also called  Red Lagoon is a shallow salt lake, representing one of the most adorable natural wonders in the world. It is located in the south west of the altiplano of Bolivia within Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, close to Chile. The marvelous lake is a great source of inspiration and contains borax islands, which  white color come in a beautiful contrast with the reddish color of its waters, which is basicaly caused by red sediments ...

The Karine Lagoon

Image The Karine Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

 The Karine Lagoon that is also known as Dil Lake is one of the lagoons in the Buyuk Menderes River delta, located in the province of Aydin, Turkey. The lagoon is one of the most attractive and remarkable lagoons in the delta because of the variety of wildlife, that inludes wonderful birds  which  provide the sanctuary. Although a narrow barrier separates the lagoon from the sea, which is connected at several locations to the north. The depth o...

Nanuya Levu Lagoon

Image Nanuya Levu Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

 Nanuya Levu or Turle Island is one of Fiji's most popular vacation destinations. Nanuya Levu Lagoon is situated between the Nanuya Lailai and Nanuya Levu islands. Probably the most incredible aspect of this island is the fact that it can be all yours, for a few hours or even days, just for some costs. Nanuya Levu is a privately owned island of the Yasawa Group in Fiji and the site of the Turtle Island Resort, a gorgeous luxury resort an...

Maitai Rangiroa Lagoon Resort

Image Maitai Rangiroa Lagoon Resort - The Best Lagoons in the World

 Maitai Rangiroa Lagoon Resort, in French Polynesia, is perfectly  located on one of the largest lagoons in the Southern Hemisphere and it is one of the top 5 dive destinations in the world. Just at 50 minute flight from Papeete, this 3 star resort has traditional Polynesian style rooms and bungalows lined amidst exotic gardens, overlooking the outstanding azure lagoon. Other interesting features include a restaurant, bar with lively entertainment and a large variet...

Khalid Lagoon

Image Khalid Lagoon - The Best Lagoons in the World

Khalid Lagoon represents  an artificial lagoon of 1720000 square hectares of water surface in Sharjah. In the centre of Khalid Lagoon there is a water fountain.  The area is a popular and attractive meeting place, and walking around one can enjoy the many fascinating features of the Khalid Lagoon Corniche. The Corniche extends on  over 5 kilometers, and it is surrounded by a green landscape that em...

Kasegaluk Lagoon in Alaska

Image Kasegaluk Lagoon in Alaska - The Best Lagoons in the World

Kasegaluk Lagoon represents a splendid coastal lagoon beautifully rising up in the western part  of Alaska. This coastal lagoon system is the largest in Arctic Alaska and features the greatest aggregations of beluga whales, spotted seals and black brant that live along Alaska’s Chukchi Sea Coast. Kasegaluk Lagoon attracts a greater richness and diversity of avian species than any other Ar...

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