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Ireland is an isles country, located in the West part of Europe. The cultural and natural inheritance of Ireland are exhibited in the spectacular landscapes, picturesque sites, hospitable people and national Irish traditions. The Ireland's cities are impressive due to their unique architecture and easy to reach locations. There you will be surely warm welcomed by one of the most hospitable nations in the world. The trip to Ireland will became a wonderful experience to explore the Irish culture, traditions and amazing sites.
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    Cork city is considered one of the most populated and largest cities in Ireland. It is placed on the Lee River coasts and it’s the administrative city of the Cork’s County in Ireland. Due to the fact that the Cork city is located near the river, there are numerous channels crossing the city’s surface. The city’s centre represents a solemn area, where you can visit the variety of cultural and historical locations. The Cork city has a ...


  Limerick city is one of the largest and urban cities in Ireland. Located between Cork and Galway cities, the city represents a popular tourist destination. The Limerick city is the main location of the Limerick County, in the south-west part of Ireland. Due to the fact that it is placed next to the Shannon River, the city represents an important port resort in Ireland. Like all Irish cities, Limerick city represents a rich green area, crossed by many channels and ...


    Ireland is consisted by small and large cities, urban and rural locations, but the thing that is characteristic for all Irish regions is the warm hospitality. The most populated and attractive urban location in Ireland is Dublin, the capital city. The Irish capital, Dublin is situated on the Ireland east coast, and on the bay of the Liffey River. The biggest urban city in Ireland hosts almost 1 million citizens. Dublin is also the cultural and econ...


   The Ireland’s cities are always growing and developing according to the high class standards that are overwhelming the entire world. Despite this, the Irish cities preserve the cultural and historical inheritance of their teritories. One of the most appreciated cities in Ireland is Galway city. Situated on the West part of Ireland it represents the third biggest city in Ireland. The fact that Galway city is placed on the Corrib River coast, is...


   The Waterford city is located in the south-east part of Republic of Ireland. Known as The Waterford Crystal, the city is a major port spot in Ireland. The city’s history dated the Viking’s times. Waterford town is considered the oldest city in Ireland. The wonderful surroundings create a really impressive picturesque view. The city is also appreciated for its natural spots of golf resorts, water sports and fisher spots. The Waterford ...


   Kilkenny city is located in the south-east part of Ireland. The city is the county city of the Kilkenny County in Ireland. The city is a major tourist town destination in Ireland and it is appreciated for its rich medieval cultural inheritance. It is also known as the oldest and most ancient Irish town which preserved the original ancient constructions and wonderful natural monuments. The most valuable and appreciated historical sites are The Sai...

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