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If you plan a trip in United States you should definitely visit Pennsylvania with its gorgeous capital, Philadephia. There you will find spectacular landscapes that will impress you for their beauty and architecture. You will also be impressed for its delicious cuisine. Check its beautiful places and discover Philadelphia’s past through its enigmatic museums and buildings that are designed in a unique style. This city is famous for its mural arts which beautify all the landscapes creating a really unique design and style.
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Logan Circle

   Logan Circle is a great plaza situated on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway , originaly known as Northwest Square. Logan Circle was one of the five squares planed by William Penn for the city of Philadelphia. This place was known for being a public space for executuions, in 1823 there was hanged the last person, and in 1825 this place was named Logan Square, in the honor of James Logan, who was a famous statesman in the city of Philadelphia.    &n...

Independence Hall

   Independence Hall of Philadelphia is the most important landmark for the history of United States. This Hall can be recognized as the birthplace for America, here was signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In this building was adopted the Constitution of the United States also, in 1787.      This building is full of memorable moments full of dignity and the glorious history is well related by this building. The construction ...

Rodin Museum

   Rodin Museum has the largest collection of works outside of Paris made by the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin. This museum is situated near the Benjamin Franklin parkway and was built thanks to Jules Mastabum who tried to collect all the works of Auguste Rodin. So in 1929 the building dedicated to this sculptor was completed, in a neoclassical style, Mastabum died but during the years he collected over 124 sculptures of Auguste Rodin. This sculptor was known for its rea...

Museum of Art

   Museum of Art in Philadelphia is one of the most large museums in United States. The museum includes over 300,000 pieces of art from different areas. In the interior of museum are displayed interesant carpets, ceramics, paintings, photographs, armory or sculptures. The large collections that includes the museum  makes it to be the third largest museum in North America and a definitely memorable attraction, that every tourist must see. Those 200 galleries that hosts the ...

Masonic Temple

   Masonic Temple is one of the most beautiful architectural treasure of Philadelphia. This is the perfect place for all masons of Pennsylvania, due to the fact that many of the founders of America were masons. Masonic Temple houses the great lodge for accepted masons and its history starts in 1867 when all the masons from Philadelphia decided that they need a temple for meetings, they bought a land for the construction of the temple. They even organized a competition for choos...

Liberty Place

   Liberty Place is a glass skyscraper that appears in Philadelphia, which is known for its old buildings from 18th century like Independence Hall. Williard G.Rouse designed the project for the Liberty Place, including two buildings taller than City Hall. In 1987 the First Liberty Place appeared with 288 meters height and became the tallest tower in Philadelphia, until 2008, when was constructed the Comcast Center. The building includes 60 stories with blue glass designed by &n...

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