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About The most exciting cruise destinations around the world

 A cruise around the world is a truly incredible journey, you have the opportunity to discover the world. You will have the chance to see parts of the world only have dreamed about, visiting many of the major cities of the world, different cultures. Of all travel experiences, none can compare with a cruise around the world.
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The best cruise destinations in Africa

 Famous because of the hunting reserves of Kenya, in eastern regions, the great continent of Africa covers and other wonders of nature, including high volcanoes, waterfalls, exotic animals, green meadows and vast deserts. Africa is a continent with many mysteries and ancient tribal cultures. The West of the continent attracts visitors with its friendly people, rich history and famous art. Many visitors are attracted by beaches, vineyards and cosmopolitan cities in South Africa. African c...

The best cruise in Australia and New Zealand

  Australia contains large areas of primordial nature, such as the Outback, Great Barrier Reef with rich marine life and an incredible range of wildlife, unique in the world, such as kangaroos, koala bears, Wombat and platypus. There are also some modern Australia’s metropolitans, waiting to be disccovered in big cities like Sydney.     ...

The best Hawaii cruise

  Hawaiian landscape is so generous that it can be admired best from the flight. One of the most popular activities is a trip flight over vast canyons and volcanic craters. In the Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island and you can see even active volcanoes.Another attraction is to ascent on the top Haleakala, the Maui  island, to watch the sunrise. This daily ritual is part of Hawaiian folklore and is not ...

The best cruise in Bahamas

 Bahamas is located 160 km to the east coast of Florida, is an ideal destination for a weekend or a short cruise. Popular among the first people to go on a cruise, families traveling in a weekend during the school year or anyone wants a vacation, 3 or 4 night cruise to the Bahamas is perfect for a short vacation. For travelers coming from the northeast, some cruise lines offer trips 7 nights in New York to the Bahamas.  Bahamas offers everything you expect from ...

The best cruise in Antarctica

  Today Antarctica is a hot spot of ecotourism. This uninhabited land seems to be from another planet. With the exception of a few passionate researchers, in Antarctica there are  no permanent residents and tourist traffic is controlled, in an effort to protect this fragile continent. The cruise passengers are limited to views of the ship. The absolutely amazing scenery enchants all the visitors.      The landscape that...

The best cruise in Bermuda

   The sand is really pink in Bermuda as in the British style. This jewel of nature in the Atlantic Ocean is just half a day and a cruise ship in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Europe, most cruises with unique destination, which offers visitorsr few days to enjoy the delights of the destination, while using the ship anchored in place by the hotel. In Bermuda tourists are not allowed to drive cars, but scooters and bicycles are available so that you c...

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