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For a complete experience in Havana in Cuba, check out the entertainment opportunities in town. Here are the options for the best clubs to see and have fun at.
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  Tropicana is one of the most famous night clubs in Havana, Cuba and can be considered a landmark of Havana. Over the years, it has attracted many celebrities among which Ernest Hemingway, Edith Piaf, Orfelia Fox, Marlon Brando, Sammy Davis and Greta Garbo.   Everyone that comes here appreciates the unique style of the Tropicana. It is said (in the book that retells the history of the club) that the nights spent at Tropicana were the source of inspiration for to...

La Zorra Y El Cuervo Jazz Club

  La Zorra y el Cuervo is considered to be one of the city’s best venues for Latin jazz and it is located on La Rampa (23th street) between N and O street, within close proximity to the Habana Libre hotel.     It is not without reason that this jazz club is considered one of the best nightclubs in Havana. Some of the most beloved musicians in the world performed here. Besides, its location on La Rampa is easily accessible for everyone. The ...

Habana Café

  The interior is decorated in the style of the 50’s, featuring classic cars and motorbikes. The vintage cars are the highlight here –these are three classic American cars -a shiny yellow Chevy, a Pontiac and a Buick. An airplane hanging from the ceiling and pictures on the wall, among which those immortalizing once the presence of Ernest Hemingway here are the last touches that make the ambiance an exclusive one. The club brings nightly performances every other weekday,...

Callejón du Hamel

  Located in Central Havana, in the neighborhood of Cayo Hueso, Callejón de Hamel has a fame that passes the boundaries of Cuba, for its great atmosphere and shows. Here you can enjoy local music and dance as much as you can, even if it is only open from 12 pm to 3 pm on Sunday afternoons. You are welcome here anytime to have the time of your life!  ...

Casa de la Musica

  Casa de la Musica is one of the most famous places in Havana. Here you will enjoy the live music, local culture and the forms it takes. Great live shows are held here every night of the week, starting from 4 pm and up until dawn. The place is famous for its salsa groups and dancing, which is said to be the best in Cuba. Different bands that are famous in Cuba perform there every other night. The interior is ideally decorated for both dancers and those watching or relaxing: there a...

Café Cantante Mi Habana

  Café Cantante Mi Habana is situated on the upper edge of Vedado close to Plaza de la Revolución, and it is located in the basement of the Teatro Nacional. It includes a restaurant, bar, and cafeteria. Café Cantante Mi Habana is renowned for some of the best live bands and salsa dancing in Havana.      It brings only live music shows, with few exceptions, as well as comedy shows, each weekday with a unique performance. ...

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