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  First holiday in Provence remains in memory as a magical time for all. Cypresses shadow roads, sometimes sprinkled with flower of Oleander bushes and plains covered with lavender or sunflowers. Smell of wild thyme, see everywhere idyllic cottages with red roofs and is so quiet, you could hear the songs of crickets. Above you, the sky is azure color, after passing the famous mistral, the cold wind coming from the Rhine Valley. In no other region of France you will not feel like in ...

Paris in France

   Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Invalides Dome and Notre Dame, and they are enough to convince you to go to Paris. But that's where you put it yourself seduced by the Louvre and his Mona Lisa, the paintings of Picasso and the memory of French bohemians.      Montmartre will take you through the most unusual places and you will reveal fascinating Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, as well as cafes and artists workshops....

Pyrenees Mountains

    Pyrenees are the most suitable place for a trip and once reached the top you will be delighted by the extraordinary sight. Pyrenees extend for 435 km and covers 55,400 km square and their maximum width is about 130 km. Pyrenees usually have a continuity of peaks divided into sections of West, Central and Eastern....

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