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Best trekking and hiking destinations in the world
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   It is part of Argentina and Chile and was named so by the Portuguese navigator Magellan, who called it Patagonia, after its inhabitants "those big shoes." Name was given for the primitive Indians Tehuelche shoes made from skins of guanaco, a species of llama, that native people used to wear here.      Patagonia stretches over 2000 km from north of the springs Colorado River to Cape Horn in the south. The western part belongs to Chile...


   Iceland is a large island in the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle, characterized by a wild and colorful landscape, with black lava, red sulfur, blue geysers, waterfalls and green valleys and coastline is indented by numerous bays and fjords. If you are interested in nature, then Iceland is the perfect destination. In summer, many companies offer guided bus tours all over the country. You can also make trips on their own, such as areas near Thorsmoerk, Snaefellsjoekull a...

Alaska in USA

    At first glance, Alaska seems to be a land of ice and wilderness. Or at least that we learn all the lessons on geography. In reality, Alaska is a place where civilization is entwined not only with traditionalism, especially nature offers us unimaginable landscapes.        As we all know, Alaska belongs, at least in political terms, the United States. Although there is a considerable distance from the state "mother" so...

The Tatras in Slovakia

   Slovakia starts from Tatra Mountains and lays over plains, canyons, caves and meadows. The country became independent in 1993 as a result of the famous Velvet Divorce, and today is one of the most popular tourist regions in Central Europe. Family vacations, spa resorts and sports are part of Slovakia's tourism offerings. Main cities are the capital Bratislava, koshi, Zilina and Poprad, they give you a variety of attractions. Summer and winter camps in the Tatra mountains and...


    Kazakhstan is in central Asia and covers an area approximately equal to the U.S.. Over half the population is composed of Kazakh, Russians make up more than one quarter, and the remaining population is made up of Ukrainians, Germans, Czechs, curzi, and other ethnic Koreans in Central Asia. Territory of Kazakhstan is as diverse as the population and is composed of steppe and forest in the north, which turns into sand dunes in the south. Here the Tian Shan and the Altai Mount...

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