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On Lancaster

City Name: Lancaster
Latitude: 54.047
Longitude: -2.802
Timezone: +00:00
County: LANC

On United Kingdom

Country Name: United Kingdom
Country FIPS104: UK
Country ISO2: GB
Country ISO3: GBR
Country ISON: 826
Country Internet: UK
Country Capital: London
Country Nationality Singular: British
Country Nationality Plural: Britons
Country Currency: Pound Sterling
Country Currency Code: GBP
Country Population: 59647790

Regions of United Kingdom

Northern Ireland

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The Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree


The Singing Ringing Tree - The Strangest Sculptures in the World

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The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples

The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples


The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - The most romantic places on the Earth

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