Nice hotel!!!! - Review of Hotel Sacher

Date of review: Mon, Jun 7th 2010, 11:06 Written by Jose_Fernandez, experience was Ok

   I am very excited to be writing about this hotel now, as it reminds me of my best times ever. Visiting Vienna for my first time and staying at this hotel, I found both just lovely. Vienna is a charming and elegant city, while Hotel Sacher is the best location here one could find. The hotel is centrally located, so I got within a few minutes to all major sites, shops and restaurants. Also, the metro station is close too, to get elsewhere.
   The hotel is said to have been built in 1876, however there is very little that reminds of the past times. What I have seen is a luxurious five-star hotel equipped with the most modern utilities, while some red velvet, fancy curtains and crystal chandeliers remind of splendid and glorious history. The room I stayed in was really elegant and just well-appointed, this says all I guess. It has that special thing that makes me keep it in mind even till now or maybe it’s just the atmosphere that I really enjoyed.
   The concierge service was very professional, I would even call it excellent. The staff was so nice and friendly, they even called my name, which is always a small satisfaction for the personal ego.
I would truly recommend it to anyone visiting Vienna and looking for a great time and experience. And yes, now I understand why the Sacher cake is so famous. ;)


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