Our experience - Review of Fouquet's Barriere

Date of review: Tue, Jun 1st 2010, 16:16 Written by Thomas, experience was Ok

   The hotel we usually go at while in Paris was full by the time we were there, so we chose this one to spend our holiday in. And I want to say I am very glad we did so, because we had the time of our life here. Everything was over our expectations, from the friendly staff, well-appointed interior to the perfect location. I also found the service very professional every time we would have a request. The Champs Elysees and all types of boutiques for my wife were within a walking a distance, so she really appreciated that. 

  Arriving there, the check-in was fast and effortless. Then we were showed the room we would stay in –the room was impressive with its modern yet romantic design, wide open spaces and panoramic views over Paris. The bed was really comfortable and soft. Also, the food was really extraordinary, although expensive, but the satisfaction we got made us forget about the price. 

   In general, I enjoyed staying at this hotel and I think I will return here as soon as I get back in Paris, even though the other hotel was not bad too. But I guess there is something special about it that I want to see, something that speaks loud of Paris and its refined taste. 

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