St. Regis Hotel Review - Review of St. Regis Grand Hotel

Date of review: Mon, May 31st 2010, 09:12 Written by Cecile, experience was Ok

   We spent here 3 nights using cash and points. Unlike other hotels where we used the points system, the service was excellent throughout the stay. 

   The location of the hotel is quite nice, being set near the Termini and we were able to reach effortless the subway, train, bus and taxi by walking. The hotel is fantastic and we enjoyed a great experience there. The lobby is not so huge, but it is still impressive. The room we were lodged in was elegantly decorated with classical furnishings and artwork and the panoramic views were astonishing. 
   The St. Regis staff was really kind and attentive with all the requests we had. The concierge was really helpful in recommending us local restaurants and making reservations for the main attractions. However, I found the room service very expensive, alike the fanciest hotels. Also, there is no free Internet in the hotel, while the hourly fee is exaggerated a little. 
   On the overall, the hotel was really nice and I was fully satisfied with the service.  

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