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Date of review: Tue, May 31st 2011, 17:36 Written by Joys, experience was Ok

About the Jeita Grotto

While visiting Lebanon one definitely must see the «Jeita Grotto». This underground cave, with a river flowing through it, is simply an amazing creation of Mother Nature… It lies only 20km north from the capital Beirut. Known since Paleolithic times, the action of water has created a cathedral, like vaults beneath the wooden hills of Mount Lebanon. «Jeita» is an Aramaic word “Ge’itta” that means “noise”, “roar of water”. The complex is separated into a high and a low gallery. Visitors can take a short dreamy cruise in a rowboat in the lower cave at a distance of some 500m for almost 6200m and marvel at the majestic forms that are waiting to be seen. In the upper cave the visitor will have a walking tour and be staggered at the view of extraordinary stone forms of curtains, columns, draperies and mushrooms at a distance of some 750m explored for almost 2200m. The longest stalactite in the world (8.2m) is located in the White Chamber. Finally, «Jeita Grotto» plays an important social, economic and cultural role being a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition. Making this site a wonder of nature will help preserving it and saving what really makes Lebanon a beautiful country... Vote for «Jeita Grotto» before 11.11.2011 on this website, thank you!

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