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Casablanca- the most cosmopolitan city in the Islamic world  - Wonderful place

Image Casablanca offers refreshing beauty

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Casablanca beaches attract thousands of tourists annually  Casablanca is a modern metropolis located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean A favorite target for tourists looking for relaxation  Casablanca offers  refreshing beauty  Shopping places  offer plenty of things to entertain visitors Shopping possibilities in Casablanca are varied  The building was designed by the French architect Michel Pins  The Muslim place of worship is one of the few open to visitors of another religion The Hassan II Mosque minaret  is the highest in the world Casablanca impresses with modern, white buildings One of the largest and beautiful mosques in the world The city of Casablanca has many sights , a small medieval town surrounded by walls that keep the old atmosphere of Arab North African cities Casablanca is famous for the  film  Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman
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