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On Ukraine

Country Name: Ukraine
Country FIPS104: UP
Country ISO2: UA
Country ISO3: UKR
Country ISON: 804
Country Internet: UA
Country Capital: Kiev
Country Nationality Singular: Ukrainian
Country Nationality Plural: Ukrainians
Country Currency: Hryvnia
Country Currency Code: UAH
Country Population: 48760474

Regions of Ukraine

Cherkas'ka Oblast'
Chernihivs'ka Oblast'
Chernivets'ka Oblast'
Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast'
Donets'ka Oblast'
Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast'
Kharkivs'ka Oblast'
Khersons'ka Oblast'
Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast'
Kirovohrads'ka Oblast'
Avtonomna Respublika Krym
Misto Kyyiv
Kyyivs'ka Oblast'
Luhans'ka Oblast'
L'vivs'ka Oblast'
Mykolayivs'ka Oblast'
Odes'ka Oblast
Poltavs'ka Oblast'
Rivnens'ka Oblast'
Misto Sevastopol
Sums'ka Oblast'
Ternopil's'ka Oblast'
Vinnyts'ka Oblast'
Volyns'ka Oblast'
Zakarpats'ka Oblast'
Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast'

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