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Epidaurus possesses one of the richest and most beautiful archaeological discoveries, the ancient theater which has been extensively renovated especially during the summer theater festival in Athens. The theater was built in 4 century b. Ch. and fits 14,000 spectators. But Epidaurus is surrounded by other interesting buildings, as the temple to the god Asklep the local museum, or "tholos" ,circular whose use has not been discerned so far.

Here is one of the seven wonders of Greece: the theater of Epidaurus, whose auditorium today draws thousands of visitors, especially in the summer, to attend performances of the annual Festival.Once, this place was very famous because of Argolis,attracted by the reputation of Asklépios, the god of medicine and healing where they descended medical knowledge from Hippocrates .

The archaeological site of Epidaurus, in addition to the famous theater, includes the stadium (you can recognize some of the bleachers and the tribune of the judges), the Museum with its ingenious construction that partly offsets the transfer to Athens of the most interesting finds and the area of ​​the sanctuary, full of Hellenistic-Roman buildings intended for athletic competitions. The gymnasium, an Odeon and the gym; behind, the temple of Artemis dating from the fourth century BC. On the right, you recognize the complex dedicated to Asclepius, where patients were waiting for the appearance of the god, the temple (380 BC) of which remain foundations, a spa complex and the Tholos, curious structure of access to ' sacred area from the meaning still obscure.


Daphni Monastery


So called to the presence of numerous plants of laurel ("Dafní", in fact) the name of this monastery was founded in the fifth-sixth century in the place where there was a sanctuary named after Apollo. Just laurel betrays the original use of the building, which celebrated, in addition to Apollo, the myth of the nymph Daphni turned into a laurel. Held by the Cistercians from 1211 until the arrival of the Turkish in 1458, it was returned to the Orthodox worship in the sixteenth century, was abandoned in the nineteenth century and fully restored after the earthquake of 1999. A wall with battlements, towers and battlements encloses the few convent buildings remain, including the refectory apse (XI century) and the Cistercian cloister at low Gothic arches, from where you have a lovely view of the church, one of the finest examples of Byzantine art, for wall decoration that adorns the walls . It was built in the late eleventh century and enlarged by the Cistercians, it preserves precious mosaics on a gold background that tell the life of Christ and the Virgin. There is a large central dome mosaic depicting Christ surrounded by prophets in Byzantine clothes, on the walls of the transept other episodes of the New Testament, while the apse, between the archangels, is the figure of the Virgin. For its historical significance, artistic and spiritual, the monastery of Daphni was included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage.


The archaeological site of Epidaurus also includes a museum and the area of ​​the Sanctuary of Asclepius not matter to tourists. Because there seems to be none other than the beautiful theater, one of the seven wonders of Greece, made by Polykleitos the Younger (fourth century BC) on the slopes of the hill. 54 orders of steps, 14,000 spectators and acoustics that, already known since its inauguration, has meant that the stage of this amazing theater, one of the best preserved of the country. The orchestra circular, clay, still continues to be trodden by companies of actors who, in the summer, played in the representations of the charming Epidaurus Festival.

The original construction remained the base of an altar dedicated to Dionysus and the side entrances, nothing is stored instead of the scene, enclosed by 18 Ionic columns of which remain the only basis. It matters still. The view from the top of the auditorium gives its best at sunset and sit on the steps of stone, perfectly preserved, will still give great emotions for any tourist, especially when the characters come to life on stage and the story sung by the great greektragedians.




A labyrinth, round shaped, was the entrance to the temple of Asclepius. Raised in the second half of the fourth century BC and designed by Polykleitos the Younger, the structure has a meaning still mysterious and indecipherable. For some, this celebration of the curved line would be linked to the sacred serpents (symbol of Asclepius) who took refuge here. Identifying six concentric circular walls, colonnades and some other solid, that enclose the true place of worship.

Others The Best Places to Visit in the Peloponnese, Greece .

Peloponnese is a paradise for excursions and holidays in Greece wonderful all the year round .
The name comes from the legendary hero of the peninsula Pelops.
Nowadays the peninsula developed and has wonderful resorts and hotels, wonderful landscapes and a rich history.
  The legendary islands from Peloponnese are ideal places to spend summer and winter vacations.
Their variety can satisfy the desires of every tourist.
Loutraki developed spa and luxury hotels, in Mani you can find castles and historic mansions, Arkadia and Monemvasia have special mountain chalets, Parnassus and Taygetos have many mountain villas.
  Beaches in the Peloponnese are sandy or sandy with small patches of small pebbles.
Families with children should pay attention to the northern coast regions Achaia and Corinth.
There is a resort focused on a family vacation.
On the south coast are deserted picturesque beaches.
In the Corinthia tourists choose to stay at the beach of Loutraki or Xilokastro or on a pebble coast Sikya, for the purity of its waters.
 In Argolida remarkable is the sandy beach of Tolo, Plepi and Porto Heli, the same to choose pebbles for their transparency uncontaminated with sand water, worth of attention is also the Palais Epidavros, Ermioni or Arvantiyu.
According to the Peloponnese you can study the history of ancient Greece, one of the richest in the sights of the country.
For example, Mycenae- the center of ancient civilization of the world where still are preserved the ruins of the palace of the legendary Lion's Gate.
Or the very Sparta , the birthplace of 300 Spartans, the most powerful body and spirit of the inhabitants of ancient Greece.
Olympia all know as ancestor of the Olympic Games.
Today you can see the most ancient stadium, take the first athletes.
  Also noteworthy is the city of Corinth , which gave the world Corinthian columns.
Decorating today are not only ancient columns, but also modern mansions.
In Epidaurus flock to pilgrimage came under the influence of Melpomene theater-goers: it is in Epidaurus is the oldest theater in the country, whose acoustics still affects the minds of architects and engineers - the ringing of the fallen coin in the center of the scene can be heard even at 60 m, in the back row.
  Peloponnese is multidimensional and an amazing place to visit.
Important archeological sites, ancient cities, fortresses where are held important festivals and cultural events located in a wonderful natural settings with mountains, rivers and beaches are an attraction for tourists worldwide.

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Epidaurus - Theater of Epidaurus
Epidaurus - Theater of Epidaurus

Epidaurus - The Great Theater of Epidaurus
Epidaurus - The Great Theater of Epidaurus