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 The most impressive historical and architectural monument in Kiev is Motherland Statue or Rodina Mat situated in the center of the city.The monument is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War that lasted four years.

Motherland Statue is the talest monument  of the city and the most  resistant.It is built of stone and stainless steel, so that it can withstand earthquakes.It is represented by  a woman holding a sword in one hand  with a weight  of nine tons and  the other holding a shield.

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Currently, experts say, the potential recreational opportunities of Ukraine as a tourist state are very important for its economic development.
Many countries, the size of Ukraine, have long been able to get a lot of money from tourism.
For example, France and Turkey annually receive up to one billion euros per year, thanks to the developed tourist network.
The Ukraine, with its own unique culture and natural sites, remains of the tourist flow to the side.
All the matter is that even the Ukrainians themselves have little knowledge of their local attractions.
We crave to go to Egypt or Turkey, forgetting of the unique Shatsky Lakes or the world's longest cave in the Ternopil region.
Tourists from around the world just think, dream to come here, but who has ever been close to these unique places? We amounted top 10 attractions that a person should visit at least once in life in Kiev.

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Motherland - Impressive Statue
Motherland - Impressive Statue