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Nashville has been named one of the best places to visit in 2013. Nashville is authentic, accessible, accommodating and affordable. It is a multicultural city that attracts many visitors for its diversity. Nashville is the capital and the second most populous city in the state of Tennessee .

Located on the south-eastern United States on the Cumberland River , Nashville is located 300 km east Memphis - the largest city of the state. Other nearest large cities are : Atlanta (350 km south-east), St. Louis(400 km north-east), Indianapolis(400 km to the north) and Charlotte (550 km to the east). Nashville's population is of 605,000 inhabitants, while the population of the metropolitan area is estimated at 1582 thousand.

People love to talk about Nashville. Nashville history began with the construction in 1779, the wooden Fort Nashborough, named in honor of General Francis Nash, the hero of the war for American independence. In 1806, Nashville received the city status and in 1843 became the capital of Tennessee. Today, Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the south-eastern United States.


Musical City

Nashville is considered a "musical" city. First, is the home of music in the style of "country". Secondly, hundreds of companies whose activities are related to music are concentrated here. Nashville is the 2nd to the size of music production center after New York. The annual turnover of the music industry in the city is more than $ 6 billion and in the specialized companies employ about 19,000 people. The heart of the music industry in Nashville's Music Row. It is an area located to the southwest of downtown. There are numerous record companies, recording studios, publishers, licensing companies, radio networks, radio stations, as well as other companies whose business is related to the music industry. Nashville consistently ranks high in all areas: music, family, meetings, and more.

The largest sector of the economy is health care. In the area of Nashville is located 250 medical companies, which employ 94,000 people. Other important economic sectors in the region are transport and shipping, publishing, banking and tourism.

The main attractions of Nashville are the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Parthenon , a full-scape replica of the Athenian Parthenon , Tennessee State Capitol, Tennessee State Museum, the restored Fort Nashborough.

The rapid growth of the area will get in Nashville 1990s two major sports franchise. Since 1998, the newly formed Nashville Predators hockey team plays in the NHL in the arena of Bridgestone Arena. And in 1997, the Tennessee team moved from Houston NFL Houston Oilers. Having played one season nearby Memphis, the team was named Tennessee Titans and now stands at the stadium LP Field, located on the east bank of the Cumberland River opposite downtown.

Multicultural city

Nashville is a model of the American “ melting pot”. On racial grounds of 65.9% the population of Nashville is composed of white 27.1% - African American, 3.1% - Asian. 7.5% of the population are of Hispanic origin . According to official statistics, 13% of the population live below the poverty line. The growing labor market and relatively low cost of living in the city attracted many immigrants. Nashville's event calendar is filled with multicultural events celebrating cultures from all across the globe. The city settled large groups of immigrants from Mexico, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc. Nashville is home to the largest Kurdish community in the United States (11,000 people). Because of this fact, Nashville is sometimes called "Little Kurdistan". Popular nicknames of Nashville are the "Music City" and the "Athens of the South" .

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Tennessee state is located in the east of the country.
It belongs to the so-called states of the South-East Centre.
This is a relatively small administrative unit of the U.
, covering about 110 square kilometers, the thirty-sixth in the country.
Tennessee is bordered by eight states.
This is a populous state with a population density of 54 people per square kilometer ( the total population of the State is of 6.
25 million people).
Tennessee refers to one of the most popular American states for leisure travelers.
It is famous for its majestic mountains and incomparable lakes, lots of historical sites and rich cultural heritage.
The main tourist centers are the capital city of Nashville ( the World Music Center), Memphis and Gatlinburg.
Many tourists visit Tennessee for Nashville mainly, the capital to enter the world of country music.
Many of the most famous country singers are from Tennessee.
The largest soybean crop grows in Tennessee, contributing about 11% of total revenues agricultural state.
The state is also a leading producer of tobacco.
Other agricultural income is derived from animal products and dairy products and products from greenhouses, nursery and cotton.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a World Heritage Biosphere Reserve and attracts millions of visitors from across the region and around the world annually.
Covering about 1,000 square kilometers it is home to temperate rainforests and some of the rarest and most unique plant life in North America.
Whether you like the challenge of a strenuous hike to the crest of a mountain or prefer to sit quietly and watch the sunset, Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a wealth of activities to enjoy.
The hardest part may be chosen by auto tour, trail, waterfall, or historic areas to explore! There are a wide range of cottages for rent in this beautiful area.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee is an essential step .
Most cherished attractions are spread all over the state: Memphis, Nashville, Great Smoky Mountains, Chattnooga.
Climate   The close proximity of the state of the Gulf of Mexico makes the climate of Tennessee wet and hot, that is subtropical.
Only in the mountainous regions remains a continental climate, without an abundance of moisture.
Nevertheless, it is the Gulf of Mexico that protects the state from hurricanes.
The only downside are tropical cyclones.
About fifty days in the year Tennessee sky illuminates flashes of lightning and peals of thunder are heard everywhere.
Sometimes there are tornadoes, mostly in the west of the state.
Summer is hot, the average temperature +32 ° C ( at night noticeably cooler), and winters quite soft - average temperature is in the range from -3 ° C to -7 ° C.
Summers are cooler in eastern part of the state and the coldest winters occur in the mountainous areas.
Cities of Tennessee The state capital is the city of Nashville, founded in 1779 on the banks of the Cumberland River.
Today, with a population of about 610 thousand people.
Nashville was not always the main city of Tennessee - earlier capitals appointed were Kingston, Knoxville, Murfreesboro.
It is surprising that Memphis is the largest city in the state (677,000 inhabitants), founded in 1819 it has never been its capital.
The four largest cities in the state of Tennessee Memphis is the youngest, and its inhabitants are called memfits.
But Memphis is called the city of rock 'n' roll and blues, this is the place from where came Elvis Presley, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis in the world.
The extraordinary atmosphere of Memphis and his musicianship is known to have inspired Mark Cohn, writing the famous song Walking in Memphis, sang by singer Cher.
At the same time it was here where was committed loud historical crime - the murder of Martin Luther King, an ardent fighter for the rights and the liberties of African Americans.
In Memphis, are the famous Bell Street and Sun Studio, Tommy Lee Park and the waterfront Mississippi consistently attracted the attention of hundreds of tourists from all over the world.
Local people believe that only in Memphis you can enjoy the barbecue.
The most in demand by tourists cruises on the Mississippi by boat Memphis Queen Line, which is remarkable that it is stylized as a vessel where once swam the contemporaries of Mark Twain.
The tourists park WonderWorks, which is located in Pidgeon Forge also deserves attention.
An extraordinary spectacle is turned upside down the building and all of its interior decoration is also standing upside down will impress even a well-worn tourist.
It raises a lot of fun for adults and children: illusions gallery, virtual roller coaster, 4D-cinema and much, much more.
The park operates seven days a week from 9 to 24 hours.
Also worth visiting are such places as Lake Rilfut, Fall Creek Falls, the National Park Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Lookout, Atomic Energy Museum in Oak Ridge, the estate where he lived himself Elvis Presley in Memphis, Museum of Abraham Lincoln.
Your attention should be home by President Johnson and Polk Museum of Appalachian Norris, National Military Park near Chattanoogo and of course, a copy of the Athenian Parthenon.
Culture   Tennessee is widely known as a state of love and honor.
It is the country’s music business card, the Americans world folk scene.
The capital of country music is the city Nashville.
Here festivals, music and other cultural events that are of interest for tourists from all over the world take place all the time.
Each of them tends to go to Dollywood the theme park was named in honor of the most popular country music singer Dolly Parton.
It is situated in Pidgeon Forge.
Another branch of the music, which is very popular with the Americans and foreign visitors are the songs of blacks.
Here you can hear not only expressive Negro spirituals, hymns, but also "work songs" that were once sung on the plantations when negroes were slaves.
The songs of blacks staff are heard at many festivals State: West Tennessee Strawberry Festival, craft fair in Gatlinburg, Iroquois Steeple Chase in Nashville.
Tennessee is the only state where legally is allowed to manufacture a special type of corn whiskey.
It is distinguished from Bourbon careful treatment of sugar maple charcoal.
Through it, a drop of filter obtained after distillation of alcohol, and then passing it through charcoal scored three meter barrel.
After these manipulations whiskey becomes softer.
The most famous brand of Tennessee whiskey - Jack Daniel's, popular in many countries around the world, including in Russia.
There is another popular variety, called state - whiskey "Tennessee" - but it is not as common outside the country.

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Nashville - Modern city
Nashville - Modern city

Nashville - Music city
Nashville - Music city

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Nashville - Leisure spot

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Nashville - Broadway

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Nashville - Incredible live city

Nashville - The Parthenon
Nashville - The Parthenon

Nashville - Captivating city
Nashville - Captivating city